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Stand out in your customers' inboxes with these 7 email marketing trends and tools

Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Journey Optimizer, Customer Journey Analytics, and Marketo Engage customers will be the first to be able to take advantage of Generative AI Services, thanks to new native workflow integrations. For example, in Journey Optimizer and AEM Sites, users will be able to tap Generative AI Services to create different versions of advertising email and text copy as well as webpages — rephrasing the copy by selecting the tone of voice, identifying key words and pulling from up-to-date product information. In Marketo Engage, Generative AI Services will power Dynamic Chat, Adobe’s marketing-focused chatbot solution. And in Journey Optimizer, Generative AI Services will create audience segments for personalization campaigns.

NBA scores by personalizing emails with blend of timely content

The NBA boosted click-through rates on its email campaigns by 42% and conversion rates by 63% when it included dynamic personalized touches, according to details shared with Marketing Dive. Working with Movable Ink’s dynamic content, the campaigns leveraged a mix of real-time game content, personalized banners, image personalization and gamification to keep fans engaged. While personalization at scale has been challenging for marketers, the NBA case underscores how it remains an important goal as marketers look for ways to better leverage first-party data.

What to do When Your Email Marketing Strategy isn't Working

Understand your customer and their interests, Understand Copywriting Best Practices, Segment your email list, Optimize your emails for mobile devices, Marketing automation

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