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Remarkety, a Namogoo Company, Chooses Netcore Cloud to Enhance Deliverability

Remarkety, a Namogoo Company, selected Netcore Cloud as its email service provider. Netcore Cloud's platform is built on Google Cloud's trusted infrastructure and will provide Remarkety with better inboxing, faster email delivery, and AI-powered reporting and optimizations. Netcore Cloud, a leading global MarTech and Customer Experience company is the 4th largest ESP globally and is the only vendor recognized by Forrester as a top vendor across Product discovery, Cross-Channel Marketing, and Email Marketing. Netcore's AI-powered reporting, advanced email throughput, and deliverability services stood out during the evaluation.

What’s the state of email beyond 2023?

A look back at this year’s trends in email marketing and what to look forward to next year.

Small Business Guide To Sending Marketing Emails

Many of us are familiar with the process of deleting automated emails without reading them. But surely there has been at least one that caught your eye, persuaded you to pause and skim through it, or maybe even made you click the link.

3 ways email marketers should actually use AI

Explore the three key ways to integrate AI into email marketing for improved engagement and conversions.

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