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How Can Companies Leverage Data To Modernize And Personalize E-mail Marketing?

Engaging with customers and subscribers is key to building long-lasting relationships and driving conversions. Personalization helps your company connect with customers, but the need for data and changes to consumer privacy policies present challenges to personalizing the customer experience. Let’s look at how you can use the data you already have to improve your company’s email marketing operation and nurture relationships with your subscribers.

E-mail Marketing Market To Grow At A Remarkable Cagr Of 14% During The Forecast 2032

Email marketing is the practice of sending email advertisements to promote a product or service to an intended audience. This form of promotion has been around for several years and proven successful at reaching customers and stimulating sales growth. With the emergence of digital marketing tactics like personalization and segmentation, email marketing has become even more crucial to companies’ overall marketing plans.

8 Proven Small Business Marketing Tips

Every business must market its products and services. But gaining exposure in the marketplace is especially important for small businesses. Larger companies typically become so well known that brand recognition marketing is less crucial. Smaller entities, on the other hand, must work continuously to develop that name recognition and reputation. But the time and effort invested do pay off. Eventually, even the smallest businesses can have a large following and a long list of loyal customers. If a larger following is your goal, use the eight tips for small business marketing below to help you achieve it.

E-mail Marketing Is Getting Smarter: Here’s How

Engaging customers means more than just finding their inbox. Today’s email marketers are finding ways to stand out and speak directly to their audience. SUPPLIED

6 Powerful Brand Storytelling Tips For Marketers

Digital Ad Platforms are online platforms that allow advertisers to create and manage digital ad campaigns across various websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and other digital channels. These platforms provide advertisers with tools to target specific audiences, track the performance of their campaigns, and optimize their ad spend to achieve better results.

New Rules of Email: Expert Advice on What Makes Compelling Campaigns in a Well-Trod Medium

Email is one of the oldest and most established marketing channels, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still improvements to be made — or fresh opportunities to be found. Retailers tempted to put the bulk of their energy into outreach through newer social or mobile platforms, believing that email is already “solved” or even outdated, are missing out on a channel with a massive audience that can also be targeted with extreme precision.

NBA scores by personalizing emails with blend of timely content

The NBA boosted click-through rates on its email campaigns by 42% and conversion rates by 63% when it included dynamic personalized touches, according to details shared with Marketing Dive. Working with Movable Ink’s dynamic content, the campaigns leveraged a mix of real-time game content, personalized banners, image personalization and gamification to keep fans engaged. While personalization at scale has been challenging for marketers, the NBA case underscores how it remains an important goal as marketers look for ways to better leverage first-party data.

Microsoft brings generative AI to CRM product suite

Despite the challenges, generative AI is quickly jumping from the experimental phase into the enterprise realm. OpenAI last week made ChatGPT available to companies via API, meaning marketers and platforms can more easily integrate the tech into their own apps and websites to support features like chatbots and shopping assistants. Snap, Instacart and Shopify are among some of the early adopters.

How to Use AI Marketing to Boost Business Productivity

AI marketing represents a powerful tool for businesses of any size and industry. Its basics involve using AI-based tools to understand customer behaviour, automate processes, personalise marketing campaigns and optimise content. By leveraging AI technology, organisations can collect enriched user data to gain greater insights into their audience’s wants and needs, allowing marketing teams to develop strategies that are more tailored towards their target demographic while minimising the time and resources spent on manual tasks. With Chat GPT and other AI technology hot topics right now, this article will explore how AI marketing can be used to improve every aspect of your business’s productivity.

Reengagement Campaigns and How They Benefit Marketers

Reengagement is a powerful strategy for businesses seeking to improve customer engagement and retention rates. By targeting inactive or disengaged users, businesses can potentially increase conversions, improve customer lifetime value, reduce churn rates, enhance brand awareness, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. As such, businesses should prioritize re-engagement as a key part of marketing strategy.

A roundup of the latest AI-powered marketing technology releases

Artificial intelligence (AI) is sprouting everywhere in marketing technology. With so many new AI products coming out, it can be hard to keep track of them. To help with that, here is a roundup of recent AI-powered martech products, platforms and features to hit the market, grouped by function.

Marketing Automation Market Manufacturers, Type, Application, Regional Forecasts, and Size and Share Analysis to 2030

According to the most recent report by Emergen Research, the size of the worldwide marketing automation market was USD 4.62 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a 12.5% revenue CAGR over the forecast period. The main element fueling the rise of the market’s revenue is the increase in demand for tailored advertising.

Top 4 retargeting strategies to maximize revenue for on-demand mobile apps

In this article, we look at data-driven retargeting strategies that app businesses can employ to improve revenue and retention rates. We also discuss the role that user data plays in delivering personalized and effective advertising campaigns.

Increase Restaurant Revenue by Focusing on These 4 Customer Types

Understanding your guests’ behaviors leads to increased loyalty and ultimately more revenue.

How AI marketing tools can help SMEs & start-ups take the big leap

In today’s edition of e4m TechTalk, we explore the untapped potential of technology by SMEs and start-ups in India and what tools will help them reach maximum audience

LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to build your sales network and pipeline

Cold marketing pitches delivered through LinkedIn messaging often falls flat with the recipient. But digital marketers are starting to flip the script on that narrative and deploying effective automated LinkedIn prospecting campaigns, writes Mike Mayer, CEO of Main Event Digital.

Microsoft Launches ChatGPT For Dynamics Business Apps And The Enterprise.

This opens the door on the biggest market of all: Generative AI used for enterprise apps and business productivity. It’s important to realize that AI has many implementations. Many enterprise systems already use AI to identify fraud, pinpoint high profit customers, and identify patterns of growth, quality problems, and more. Amazon route scheduling and logistics is built on AI. But the Generative AI (software used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos) which uses Large Language Models like ChatGPT from OpenAI, are different. They interpret language and images, index billions of words and phrases, and put together new content in a “human-like” way.

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