Persado and Carahsoft Partner to Bring Powerful AI Communications and Marketing Platform to the Public Sector

Persado’s Solutions Now Available on Carahsoft SEWP V, ITES-SW2 and OMNIA Partners Contracts

4 Qualities You Want from Your Email Marketing Agency

An exemplary digital marketing strategy should always explore all potential avenues of communication with customers.

Digital marketing is important to your business – here’s why!

No matter what kind of business you start, you are anxious to see those first customers, clients, and orders come through the door.

76ers Buy Black Program Opens Applications for Black Business Owners in Greater Philadelphia Region

The Philadelphia 76ers have announced that the second annual round of applications for the 76ers Buy Black Program will begin today and continue through Dec. 10 at midnight via

How to build an email list for an affiliate marketing campaign

There are more than 3.5 billion email users worldwide, and the number is expected to grow exponentially over the years owing to a plethora of reasons. Statistically, email has more users than social media, so if you are still not making use of affiliate email marketing as part of your digital marketing campaigns, you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities.


You must look at the sales and marketing process as a whole. By focusing on the entire sales and marketing system from beginning to end you create a meaningful journey for your customer, that will be sure to build a lasting relationship. Process-focused marketing looks at the sales and marketing process as a whole, in three steps.

Learn How To Grow Your Business With These Skills

If you’re a new business owner, or even a seasoned one, then you may wonder what skills you need to grow your business into that special success story. In this blog post, we explore skills that will make you transform how you run your business. Here’s a breakdown of critical skills that will make you a better leader and how to get them.

Integrated Marketing: How To Get Started The Right Way

In this article, I’ll go over how to choose your channels, how to reformat your team to think collaboratively, and how to run an integrated strategy that makes customers want to get to the finish line.

Interview: Morning Dough’s Itay Paz Talks about the Value of Content

Paz also outlined the importance of efficient email marketing.

How to Do Digital Marketing for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are investing much greater sums of money in these newer forms of marketing with the goal of increasing sales and forging meaningful online connections with more of their target demographic. In this article, we reflect on the most successful approaches taken to digital marketing by luxury brands with a specific focus on their websites and their social media campaigns.

3 Tips to Innovate Your B2B Marketing

Doing the same things consistently in your B2B marketing can produce steady results, but what about trying new things? New channels? New strategies? Trying new things out in a B2B marketing strategy does come with certain risks, but often, is worth it. In this post, we take a look at three ways to innovate your B2B marketing, while preserving the results you are already getting.

Lumavate Announces Simon Mutlu as Chief Revenue Officer

In this role, Mutlu will lead all revenue efforts for the no-code app development company and will significantly start scaling the company’s sales organization.

8 Ways To Build An Effective Marketing Campaign On A Tight Budget

These ideas can drive revenue even when spending is limited

MarTech Interview with Jeff Samuels, COO at Iterable

Jeff Samuels, COO at Iterable shares a few top B2B personalization and marketing data trends in this interview with MarTech Series:

10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Email

Reading through the report findings, survey data and insights from other email professionals, it’s easy to see why email continues to be the top marketing channel by effectiveness. In fact, 79% of marketers list email in their top three channels.

Everlane and Sailthru Celebrate 10-Year Partnership

Sailthru’s Retail Specialization Helps the Innovative D2C Brand Grow From Startup to Fashion Powerhouse

Post-COVID marketing – everything to know

It’s fine if you cannot make sense of all the changes by the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve had pandemics and economic downturns, but they never happened on such a scale before. Fortunately, this article will show you all the latest consumer and marketing trends that can help plan your next marketing campaign! We will have to start by discussing how people are now acting and thinking because of COVID-19. Then, we’ll recommend the strategies you’ll need for your next marketing campaign. You’ll also explain how your company may work with these insights.

2022 marketing resolutions for capturing new business in a digital-first world

Affiliate marketing is simply a process when an individual is promoting products or services of any company. It is an effective solution to increase revenue by promoting third-party products and services. Affiliate marketers use special links for promotion, and when a customer purchases a product or service from that link, they earn a commission. As a small business, you get to make a sale through someone’s promotion efforts, and they get to make a commission. Here are some of the benefits of affiliate marketing for a small business.

The key to successful customer engagement? Tried-and-true marketing methods

As the year comes to a close and planning for 2022 is in full swing, marketers have an opportunity to evaluate how they can make the most of the tools they already have. By thinking about and using them in new ways, tried and true methods will again become pivotal pieces of any marketing strategy. Looking for the best marketing tools to keep customers engaged? You may already have them up your sleeve.

7 Technology Recommendations for Your Business

Technology is a driving force in virtually every type of business. If you are looking for a way to push your business to the next level, learning the technological advancements specific to your industry is important. However, there are some technologies that every business should have regardless of specialty. If you need a place to start, consider these seven tech recommendations.