10 examples of brilliantly executed email marketing campaigns

E-mail marketing is key to your business’s success, and designing an effective HTML newsletter to promote your business is one such method. Before putting pen to paper, consider going through your own inbox in order to take note of what stands out to you. Below are 10 examples of brilliantly executed emails that each have their own unique attributes.

5 Mass Email Marketing Techniques You Need to Implement

Over the past few years, we've heard conflicting opinions about the success of mass email marketing. Many marketers believe it's an obsolete tactic and prefer social media to increase brand awareness and customer base. Is this, however, the case? Is mass email marketing a thing of the past? The short answer is no. So what lies behind its power, and how can you use mass email marketing as an effective strategy to grow your business and acquire more happy customers? Let's start by understanding what mass email marketing is and why it’s crucial.

Why good content costs serious money

Establish the right budget so your content can have a significant impact on your prospects.

Active Web Group Now Offers Custom Video Marketing Services

Active Web Group, a leading digital marketing agency headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, announced today that it is expanding its client services to include customized videos and animations for their clients’ websites. This personalization may be used to outline and promote their enterprise, products, and/or capabilities, thereby providing their customers and prospects with a unique, enhanced user experience. Additionally, the new program allows online businesses greater flexibility to both reach their stated demographic as well as to attract and influence new audiences.

All That You Need To Know About CRM Email Marketing

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a powerful tool for companies to handle their relationships and interaction with customers. Email marketing is another effective means for marketing your products and services. CRM email marketing combines the power of CRM with email marketing. No doubt, email marketing is, on its own, an effective way of reaching out to customers. But you can make your interaction with customers more fruitful and take your relationship with them to a new level. By implementing an impeccable email marketing strategy with CRM tools, you can make it happen.

A Small Business Guide to Email Branding

You’ll never get a second chance to make that first impression, so don’t overlook your emails when you approach brand development. From your subject line to your font and color options -- and even your email background -- you want to captivate and delight your customers. And don’t neglect email marketing as something that’s only for larger businesses with vast budgets. Small business email marketing, done right, can help level the playing field and let you connect directly with your customers.

A Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Email Marketing

Here are the top real estate email marketing strategies you can try: Design targeted emails, Generate sign-ups with landing pages, Segment your customer base, Automate campaigns

Adobe: Market Leader With High Margins And Compounding Rapidly

Adobe offers a suite of “best of breed” software, used by professionals for graphic design, video editing, and even email marketing.

Top-Class Email Marketing Strategies: How Klaviyo Can Supercharge Your Online Business!

Whether you want to attract new customers or get some new ones, email marketing is the answer! Did you know that email marketing has the biggest ROI rating of all online marketing strategies? Email marketing outperforms all other strategies, and on average, you can expect a return of up to $42 for every $1 you spend. You can supercharge your online business with help from a marketing automation platform such as Klaviyo.

Marketing Data Management Platform Claravine Nabs $16M

Claravine was founded in 2012 as Tracking First, a company focused on streamlining the tracking code process for large organizations. Tracking code is a snippet of code that tracks the activity of a website visitor by collecting data and sending it to an analytics module, usually for marketing purposes.

How To Start An E-mail Newsletter

Email newsletters provide a great way to stay connected with your audience. But getting started can be a bit daunting. From choosing the right platform, to growing a mailing list, to the design and layout of your newsletter, there are a number of things that need to be considered before sending your first newsletter campaign.

10 Engaging Newsletter Ideas to Grow Your Small Business

Among email marketing campaigns, newsletters naturally offer a personalized experience for your subscribers, making it one of your most effective tools to generate audience engagement and sales. To help you engage subscribers effectively, here are good examples of newsletters that you can learn from and build upon.

Email template size to match the campaign goal and occasion

Making successful email campaigns never happens without a good and detailed plan, which includes all the template features. It should be visually appealing, easy to read, and simple to view on different devices. That is why searching for optimal sizes and designs is so crucial.

Introducing Leadspace Studio: Double B2B Pipeline by Design

Today from the Forrester B2B Summit, Leadspace, the industry-recognized AI-powered B2B Customer Data Platform, launched new products and practices to redefine the performance of B2B marketing and sales. The new Leadspace Studio is the industry’s first performance marketing tool targeted at business users to double results across their funnel by creating high-performing segments and directly activating them across marketing automation and digital media platforms.

Build Brand Awareness With Squarespace Email Campaigns

There’s no better way to build and sustain the community around your brand than by using email. Squarespace makes growing and serving that audience easier than ever with its fully integrated Squarespace Email Campaigns. Squarespace has all the tools you’ll need to make email campaigns a vibrant, community-building, money-making part of your brand’s digital life. Unlike your social media following, you own your email list. And with Squarespace’s help, it can become one of your brand’s most valued assets.

Can You Have Your Privacy-Personalization Cake and Eat it, Too?

Balancing Privacy and Personalization, Starts With Zero-Party Data, Personalized Experiences Leads to Differentiation, Lead and pipeline generation, Targeted email campaigns and offers, Targeted interactions in real time, Highly personalized experiences

The Essential Guide to B2B Email Marketing

Top 7 B2B email marketing strategies to try

Key Digital Marketing Statistics to Support Creative Advertising Strategies in 2022

Digital Marketing Statistics: The space of digital content marketing keeps changing frequently. Things that are essential today might not be potent enough in the future. Marketing professionals need to be updated with the latest statistics on content marketing, search engine optimization or paid promotion to meet customers’ demands and offer a personalized consumer experience. Here we have come up with the latest digital marketing statistics that will show how huge the digital marketing space has become in the past few years.

15 Digital Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Law Firms

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “content is king”. This is the reality in today’s marketing landscape. However, just as great content can propel your growth, bad content can hurt your brand and make a negative impact. Here are some of the most common mistakes that can make a negative impression when marketing law firms.

7 Marketing Strategies to try this Year

Marketing is an essential part of your business. It sets you apart from competitors, builds trust with clients and customers, and helps your company grow. To ensure that you make the most of your marketing efforts, here are seven strategies are to implement this year.