DTC Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2022

Because D2C appeals to customers with its emphasis on a direct connection, its growth continues to trend upward, hitting $129 billion in the U.S. in 2021.

4 advantages of an email marketing platform

Email marketing has been around for a quarter of a century – and it shows no signs of slowing down. Not only does it provide a powerful way for marketers to tell recipients about promotions, brand messages and news. Email marketing is a versatile, low-cost, and efficient tool helping to deliver hyper-personalised comms that are measurable and create positive ROI. This can certainly be the case if a marketer chooses to use an integrated email marketing platform that supports them in their customer engagement.

Does email marketing really work? Statistics say YES!

A study by Marketing Sherpa surveying about 2,000 U.S. adults found 96% of people saying they like receiving promotional emails from brands they do business with. Additionally, 86% aid they’d like to receive promotional emails at least once a month [3].

How To Use Content Marketing For Customer Retention & Loyalty

Learn how to use content marketing to connect with your current customer base, build loyalty, and improve customer retention.

Things You Should Consider Before Starting Out With Marketing Cloud

Everything you need to know to implement your own effective marketing plan.

A marketer’s 2022 guide to Marketo: What it does today

This guide will walk you through some of the key capabilities of Marketo, one of the cornerstone platforms in the marketing automation space.

MarTech Innovator Mobiz Launches Personalized SMS Marketing Tool for Small and Medium Businesses

Mobiz allows users to harness the power of personalized marketing and SMS delivery by creating and sending customer-unique, customized and templatized landing pages. The platform also offers features that enable businesses to compliantly capture customer information to build and enrich their subscriber lists. This enables business owners to grow their client base and establish more meaningful connections to their existing community by offering content relevant to their needs through personalization.

6 Things You Need To Know About SMS Messaging

Consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with businesses on their mobile devices. Now, the majority of users access the Internet with their mobile devices. And they are increasingly communicating with companies via SMS messaging. Although not as widely used as social media, SMS messaging is a beloved communication method. And it’s still a vital tool for engagement and customer service.

Phonexa Unites Marketing Community at MailCon in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

Marketing automation platform Phonexa is further growing a community and collaboration amongst marketing executives, publishers, advertisers, and thought leaders in lead generation by diversifying its company portfolio and brand positioning with the merger of MailCon, the world's preeminent omnichannel and email marketing conference.

How Restaurants Today are Seizing Marketing Opportunities

Social media has become an integral part of everyday life.

5 tips for selecting the right provider to power your email marketing campaigns

Having a reputation as a trusted email, Having the right people on hand if things go wrong, Having industry relationships matter, Data insight and scaled infrastructure enhances delivery, Engaged support and service makes everything quicker

WinePulse and Digimatic Partner to Deliver Email Campaign Analytics for Wineries

WinePulse, the leading DTC Reporting solution for wineries, is the first reporting solution to provide analytics that aggregate email automation and campaign data with detailed sales and order information in one centralized location.

Best CRM Software And Systems 2022

Unlike other forms of business software, CRM represents a new way of working — one that should result in higher performance with less overhead. But this change will be managed gradually, requiring organizations to commit to a platform over a substantial period of time.

Redbrick Acquires Delivra, Leader in Email and Marketing Automation

Redbrick announces the acquisition of Delivra, a provider of advanced email marketing automation, helping businesses engage in meaningful conversations with customers through email and SMS marketing strategies. The announcement marks Redbrick’s second major acquisition in the past two years, with Delivra becoming the fifth company within the Redbrick portfolio.

Why It Pays to Implement Digital Marketing for Your Small Business Amid COVID-19

As such, it’s a good idea to implement digital marketing campaigns such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, and social media management. Why? Here are the top reasons to employ digital marketing during this pandemic:

SparkPost Global Survey Reveals 74% of Marketing Leaders Concerned with Impending Privacy Changes

Uncertainties Related to Privacy Regulations and Changing Industry Rules Are Driving 82% of Organizations to Prepare; Causing 95% of Leaders To Commit to Better Organizational Alignment

How Can Contextual Property Management Marketing Help To Convert More Leads?

Contextual property management marketing is an approach to managing content, agreements, resident documents, and the appropriate context. It streamlines managing all the content and documents in one location. Marketing automation like Best Property Management Software instantly allows records, upgrades content, and ultimately gets a firm grip on document version control.

Pon Pandian, CEO of TargetBay, Is Redefining The Future of Email and SMS Marketing

Many online stores have had one major problem: they have to handle too many marketing tools to improve brand awareness and ROI. This not only puts a lot of strain on their time and money but what if it doesn’t give you the result you want after all the time, money, and other resources you pool in? Sounds volatile, right? Mr. Pon Pandian Paulswamy wanted to give a solution to this exhaustive problem, and as a result, he created TargetBay as an all-in-one marketing cloud that has all the tools one needs to run an online business: email marketing, retargeting ads, and review collection

Holiday Ecommerce Marketing Guide for 2021

Holiday season is an invitation for shoppers to avail extra discounts on the products. To attract customers businesses need to optimize websites and display personalized offers. Read on to find out which points do businesses need to focus on to attract customers.

Zero-Cost Marketing Strategies That Provide Instant Traction

Most brands are often hunting for new ideas to grow their revenue using free marketing strategies, three convincing strategies that are proven to get any brand instant traction and boost revenue.