Despite economic uncertainty, new research confirms businesses plan to prioritize digital communications in the coming year

Survey from Mailjet by Sinch finds email marketing seen as top channel to reach customers in an economic downtown

Where is the email marketing industry headed? Experts weigh in

Email marketing is one of the most trusted channels at the marketer’s disposal to connect with customers and convert them into loyalists. As emails have become a crucial way for personalised and conversational marketing, many emerging technologies are shaping the future of email marketing. To explore this, and to gain a deeper understanding of the Email Benchmark Report 2022 (EBR) published by Netcore Cloud, industry experts like Sharon Supriya, Senior Director - Marketing & Growth Strategy, Byju’s; Sandesh Gupta, Head of Digital Marketing - USA, MPL; and Chaitanya Chinta, Global Business Head, Email, Netcore Cloud, came together to share insights on the report, which is a study of 100 billion emails across 20+ global industries.

Top 10 SMS Marketing Companies In India In 2023

India’s top 10 SMS marketing businesses, 2023: Msg91, SimpleTexting, Textmagic, ClickSend, Edge of Spring, Omnisend, SMS India Bulk, ReplyBuy, SMSHorizon, Edge of Spring.

10 Email Marketing Strategy Tips from G2's Own Email Expert

In this guide to building a winning email marketing strategy, we’ll cover email marketing strategy benefits, the top 10 things to consider when building out your email marketing strategy, and a bonus knowledge share from direct experience building email marketing strategies. Let’s go!

64% of Enterprise Marketers Find Email Automation To Be a Major Trend in 2023

Marketers use several digital marketing channels to connect with their audience, engage them, and convert them into customers. Email is one of these channels, which is highly crucial for marketers. According to a Litmus study, email marketing offers an average ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. However, the fast-changing landscape, especially in data privacy, has made reaching the target audiences with a personalized email experience at the right time complex. So, how are enterprise marketers executing emails to maximize the results? To understand this, OMI partnered with Ascend2 to conduct a study. The following are a few key takeaways from the study.

Is your communications platform ready for the new consumer duty?

Looking ahead to the FCA’s new Consumer Duty rules, Faith Liversedge shares some practical tips on why and how your advice business should be reviewing the email tools you use to support your all-important client communication process.

Five Tips to Make Your Holiday E-Mail Campaign a Success

If you are betting on emailTo boost salesThis holiday season, you need to have the right mindset. Online retail sales increased 11.3% last year to more than $218 billion. according to the National Retail Federation. Despite the fact that more people will be shopping for pandemic supplies, emailIt is still a great way to generate online revenue. How can you use email to your advantage? boost holiday salesFor your business this year? With inflation hitting the highest rate in 41 years, you must make sure your campaigns have the best chance of landing in the inbox — and convert. Here are five ways you can prepare your email program to be ready for the busy shopping season ahead.