Top 2021 Email Marketing Service/Software Package – Entrepreneurs Guide Released

Digital content marketing expert and industry author Scott Hall, founder of, has released a comprehensive comparison guide to the best email marketing services available to today’s entrepreneurs and bloggers. The report covers software features, costs, and segment-appropriate recommendations.

Figure entrepreneur, Ludovico Apollonio, shares his top E-Commerce tips

Once you have your system in place, think big and plan about your next move to be able to scale your business to the moon. Remember, online there are no limits!

How to Re-Engage Your Stagnant Email List

There are several reasons why a lead list might become stagnant. Today, we hope to shed some light on some of the common causes of engagement dropoff. We will also go over some of the techniques we’ve used in the past to re-engage our subscribers.

Understand the Relay Function and Master Email Marketing

Although some marketers refer to email communication as a relic of the past, it remains one of the main methods of communication for most.


Reach your retail customers with effective newsletter development.

Apple’s iOS15 Changes: What Does it Mean for Email Marketing and the Potential Impact on Inbox Performance?

What email senders and marketers can do to minimise the impact on performance: Subject line testing, List hygiene management, Algorithms to support engagements, Updates to data strategies, Monitor inbox placement

How To Get Started With Automated E-mail Marketing

Automated email marketing is the best option for sending personalized messages. Thanks to automation workflows, you can send personalized offers to customers at the relevant time, laying the groundwork for increased revenue.

Apple’s Ios15 changes: What it means for e-mail marketing and the impact on the customer experience

Back in June, Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection for their Mail app on iOS15, iPadOS15, and macOS Monterey devices

Six Strategies to Boost Email Marketing Effectiveness

Email Marketing is the oldest yet one of the most effective engagement channels and is nowhere close to redundancy, as some in the industry have often said. This channel has only evolved for the better as we make room for newer technology and techniques to enhance and deepen user engagement. There are plenty of strategies that marketers can implement to drive strong email campaigns.

How to Send an Email Blast

If you want to make the most of email blast marketing, you’re in the right place! Mail blasting is a proven way to get your message to potential customers quickly. Once you know how to do email blast, you’ll find mail blasting an easy and effective email marketing approach.

Inbox Monster Releases Deliverability Monitoring Platform

Inbox Monster announces the release of its email deliverability monitoring platform, offering comprehensive insights into the most important email KPIs, unlimited inbox placement and creative rendering reports, and dedicated professional deliverability services.

10 Tips to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Remember, there comes a point, when it doesn’t matter how extensive your email list is, but how many prospects within that list open your emails. If within the same list of 15,000 subscribers, your open rates go up to 50%, you end up with 7500 leads engaging with your pitch.

How to Pick the Right Email Marketing Service for Your Business

Email marketing is a critical component for any business’s marketing strategy. Finding the right email provider can save you valuable time, help you market and represent your business in a professional manner, and result in a bigger bottom line. It pays to do your research, try a few programs, and don’t settle for the marketing product of the moment. Your business is too important.

5 tips for e-newsletter success with patients

An email newsletter can provide a wonderful way to educate and engage your current and prospective patients — keeping you, your services and your products top of mind. It is also a great way to build your authority, differentiate yourself from your competitors, create anticipation for new services/products, generate more patient visits, and even create sales on demand.

Should You Invest In Branding Right Now?

The big question comes when you consider stepping back to focus entirely on branding. A thorough and thoughtful branding project can be costly and time-consuming, leading many business owners to second-guess the spend. Here are a few scenarios in which branding may or may not be the best path forward — and my advice on how to proceed.

How to Prepare Your Email Marketing Strategy for iOS 15

To adapt, it is crucial to embrace these changes. Therefore, respect customer privacy, give subscribers a chance to tell what they want and how they want to communicate with your brand, improve your relationships, focus on bringing actual value to the clients, and keep up with the community and events.

Can marketing automation support employee wellbeing?

Better wellbeing in the workplace tends to mean better productivity, less absenteeism, a happier and more engaged workforce, and ultimately, better staff retention. So, the next time you consider whether automation software is ‘worth it’ or prepare a business case to justify it, don’t forget to account for the impact it will have on your team’s daily working lives and wellbeing.

The 2021 Email Deliverability Guide for eCommerce Businesses

Email can be a big part of your eCommerce success. It might be already. But it can be an even bigger part if you get more emails opened and clicked. To achieve that, you’d have to follow the latest email deliverability practices. They’re really simple, plus they can make your email marketing better.

Guide to Verification Emails – Best Practices and Examples

Let us break down email validation and verification emails into essentials so that you can get a good idea of what they are, why do you need them, and how to nail them to avoid the harmful consequences of invalid email addresses in your subscription list.