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Trigger-based marketing = event-driven programming with “no code” martech in every stack

For a deeper look in the data, here’s the click-through rates for different kinds of triggered emails versus batch sends in Blueshift’s benchmark report:

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If you want to market your small business and improve its online presence, here are four ways to get started.

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We asked an expert what brands can do to get their email messages read faster.

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Video email marketing can be a very important marketing strategy if used properly- just an embedded video and a subject line, and you will have a loyal client base, multiple lead generations, and a strong content looped around the brand.

The Best Marketing Automation Software for 2020

Digital marketing means choosing the best route to specific customer audience segments and doing so across a constantly changing landscape of channels.

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The solution to this problem is obvious: content marketing.

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Here's how to improve brands email strategy:

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Building a database, nurturing existing customers and using an email service provider are some e-commerce email marketing strategies to help businesses increase revenue.

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Well, we recommend using ecommerce email marketing software. Find out what the different types are and why they’re so beneficial to ecommerce businesses by reading on.

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In the new COVID-19 reality, consumers have extra time on their hands to find other ways to shop as traditional storefronts become less accessible and convenient.

Essential Email Marketing Metrics to Use in Making Data-Driven Decisions

Without further ado, let’s learn exactly how to work on each email marketing metric to make smart data-driven decisions.


From design concepts to artificial intelligence, there’s a lot going on with email technology these days that could improve your promotion strategies. Here’s what you should watch for.


Chief Marketer surveyed 147 marketers in February and early March, and 494 in late April and early May.