2021 Is Going to Be the Year of Advanced ABM: 10 Strategies to Help You Scale Your Account-Based Initiatives

To thrive in the dawn of post-pandemic emergence, marketers need to craft their ABM tactics to combine strategies and channels in new and interesting ways. Talking of the advanced account-centric approaches, one needs to understand that, progression follows only after the basics have been mastered.

Benefits of sending marketing emails

Email marketing is an efficient way to make relationships with clients.

AI in Marketing and Sales for 2021

AI Implementations in Marketing and Sales Underwent a Hype in the Last Year, Now It Is a Norm to Seek Digital Changes for Efficiency and Acceleration.

AI in Marketing and Sales for 2021

AI Implementations in Marketing and Sales Underwent a Hype in the Last Year, Now It Is a Norm to Seek Digital Changes for Efficiency and Acceleration.

6 ways to sure success in your Email Marketing

Here are a few tips to make customers/prospects open your emails with excitement.

How marketers can benefit from a cloud data warehouse: A guide

Best of all, this isn’t just a marketing win — even though it certainly is that. Again, anyone in the organisation that works with data stands to benefit. And your customers ultimately win most of all. They get more meaningful, rewarding experiences because you actually know them and what they want — not a dozen different, out-of-date versions of them — thanks to your cloud data warehouse.

Email Marketing: Key Elements to Acquire Target Audience

Companies are frequently flooded with content, so it makes more sense to use targeted email marketing. The audience is the central piece of the puzzle, and in this article, we will discuss top strategies that you can employ to find your target audience.

Lead Generation Strategies for Channel Partners and Resellers

Many large businesses choose to rely on channel partners that will sell and distribute products, doing the online marketing process is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. There are countless channel partners across multiple locations, the challenge is all about making sure that these partners have the leads they need to help grow the business.

5 giveaways that will get people to sign up for a mailing list

These days, people have been conditioned to expect something in exchange for their email address, so be prepared to give them something of value…but what? Here are a few suggestions you can use to increase the number of fans on your email distribution list.

4 Crucial tips for e-commerce brands to evolve from being startups to scaleups and unicorns

When you are an entrepreneur, you desire to have your startup become a high growth enterprise. The good thing is that e-commerce brands have a high potential for growth given the various tactics available at their disposal to scale up their business. So, what are some of the strategies that you can use to grow your e-commerce business? Below are four tactics that you can use:

The care and feeding of your QSR's online ordering business

Now that the pandemic has ushered in a new era of consumer dependency on online ordering, it begs the question: Are you doing everything you can to both drive customers to your online ordering channels, then help them have a great experience once they're there?

6 Ways Brands Can Use Social Selling to Win Customers

What is Social Selling and Why Does it Matter?

No More Mistakes With Full Funnel Marketing

As much as utilizing full-funnel marketing is essential for your business. It is important to understand the basis, stages, and approach of getting your marketing funnel right!

The Benefits of Psychographics In Your Marketing Strategy

In this article, we’ll discuss what psychographics are and how they can benefit you just as much as demographic measurements and other types of research. Ready? Let’s get started.

What Is CTR in Email?

Click-through rate is a critical metric by which a small business can measure its email marketing success.


If you are overwhelmed to know precisely the perks of using email marketing, then below, we are listing them to help you get to know and promote your business –

Why marketing automation remains the missing piece of the optimisation jigsaw puzzle

That’s because savvy platforms in today’s world enable marketers to build email campaigns and landing pages in minutes – rather than hours. Automated systems are designed to take the stress out of an ever-growing ‘to do’ list because they’re capable of managing the routine, manually intensive tasks, so employees don’t have to. Think of the time that could save in a typical working day! True optimisation, right?

Five Key Aspects of Digital Marketing

Today, we shall discuss top marketing trends that will rise in the future and shall result in enormous profits for the company.


To help you figure out what you and your business needs, I talk about the importance of eCommerce tools and what you should use. Read on!

9 Tips for a More Effective Email Newsletter

An effective email newsletter – content that can be forwarded and shared – is one way to build relationships with buying groups beyond just the original purchaser or designated support contact.