How to Use Email Marketing to Develop Customer Personas

Customers are the driving force behind every company. If you don’t know who you’re selling to, you’re going to have a hard time growing. Luckily, it’s easier than ever before to get to know potential customers through buyer personas.

2021 Is Going to Be the Year of Advanced ABM: 10 Strategies to Help You Scale Your Account-Based Initiatives

To thrive in the dawn of post-pandemic emergence, marketers need to craft their ABM tactics to combine strategies and channels in new and interesting ways. Talking of the advanced account-centric approaches, one needs to understand that, progression follows only after the basics have been mastered.

You Need to Start Converting Your Social Media Followers Now. Here's How.

if you want your business to thrive rather than merely survive 2021 and beyond, seize the spotlight you have.

Interactive email marketing software, Mailmodo, raises $270K from Titan Capital, others

Mailmodo, an interactive email marketing software for businesses hasraised $270K in the pre-seed round funding by Titan Capital, Firstcheque, Gameskraft, Angellist and other marquee groups of investors including Archit Gupta, Deepak Diwakar, Harsh Shah and others. Mailmodo helps businesses create interactive app-like emails to get a better return on investment from email marketing.

Email Marketing Through the Eyes of AI

Email marketing is one of the most fruitful techniques, and it’s not unheard of for email marketing platforms to take full advantage of automation tools and AI technology. It’s a foolproof way to analyze data and create a strategy that will help you reach the ROI of your dreams.



Study: High Growth Marketers More Likely to Have Mature Automation in Place

Marketers continue to test the waters in terms of automation, and new research suggests that it’s the high growth marketing firms that are seeing the most success in this area.

Manage Your Email Marketing Campaigns: 7 Mega Tips for Your Business

To run any small business successfully, you need to stay track of and evaluate your email marketing performance.

How to Make Content Marketing Work In a World Saturated With Content

While you should keep an eye on your competitors efforts, content marketing is about meeting the needs of potential customers through high-quality, original content.

4 Tools e-Commerce Businesses Need to Invest in Right Now

2020 has undoubtedly been a major milestone for businesses. The pandemic has been a big factor in generating a huge behavioral shift in consumers’ behavior by forcefully probing them to purchase online, thus spending online far more than any of the previous years to date.


Here you will find some marketing cues from Eric J Dalius that will simplify small business marketing by using technology that suits the pocket and the needs of small business owners.

No More Mistakes With Full Funnel Marketing

As much as utilizing full-funnel marketing is essential for your business. It is important to understand the basis, stages, and approach of getting your marketing funnel right!

Email marketing automation for B2B: How to effectively manage and acquire contacts

The growing popularity of social media and other communication channels has certainly not obscured the communicative power of email marketing, which is still great strategy to reach, inform,engage users.

Email Conversion Guide, Part 1: Database Cleanup

In this part 1 installment, I’ll review the importance of a clean subscriber database, including tips for ongoing maintenance.

How to Increase Email Performance with IT Buyers

Here are 3 tips for tech-savvy marketers to increase customer engagement, open rate, conversion, and email performance.

Guide to Customer Appreciation Emails, Examples and Best Practices

Let’s break down customer appreciation newsletters so you can transform cold digital surroundings into a pleasant place to be.

7 Tips To Create High-Converting CTA Buttons For Your Email Templates

Every email is sent with a clear vision about what your subscriber should do after reading it. Getting this ‘response’ is the ultimate goal for sending emails, and it is achieved using call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Crafting a persuasive subject line, preheader text, email copy, images, coding, and a lot more go into email templates for getting a click that results in a conversion.

Why marketing automation remains the missing piece of the optimisation jigsaw puzzle

That’s because savvy platforms in today’s world enable marketers to build email campaigns and landing pages in minutes – rather than hours. Automated systems are designed to take the stress out of an ever-growing ‘to do’ list because they’re capable of managing the routine, manually intensive tasks, so employees don’t have to. Think of the time that could save in a typical working day! True optimisation, right?

Etsy Marketing and Advertising Tips to Increase Sales

Reaching new customers and keeping your current customers coming back is a huge part of any Etsy store’s success, so you need to build your marketing campaigns with those objectives in mind. This quick introduction breaks down how smart email marketing and social media can help you stay connected to your customers and find more people who’ll love shopping your Etsy store.

What Is A/B Testing in Email?

A/B testing lets you see which iterations of the same content get the most engagement from your target audience. This can help you boost your click-through and conversion rates.