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Business Tips from SCORE: Skills needed for 21st century digital marketing

Marketing in the 21st century combines both traditional and digital channels to promote product and services. They focus on mass marketing campaigns to create awareness in the target market and influence customers to make purchasing decisions on the behalf of their preferred choices.

35 Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know

Stay informed with the latest content marketing statistics. Discover how optimized content can elevate your digital marketing.

8 free marketing automation tools for SMBs

Marketing automation can help any business engage more customers, but SMBs might need it most. These free tools can help small marketing teams get started with automation.

IBM reimagines content creation and digital marketing with Adobe Firefly generative AI

While scrolling your social media feeds last year, you may have been one of hundreds of thousands of people who took notice of this striking image, part of IBM’s “Let’s Create” brand campaign which showcased the company’s focus on co-developing tech solutions with partners.

AI-Powered Digital Marketing Support

Boostrbot revolutionizes digital marketing with its AI copilot, designed to transform likes into valuable leads. This innovative tool empowers digital marketers to craft high-quality content swiftly, affordably, and with superior results. Say goodbye to brainstorming blocks — Boostrbot steps in to suggest ideas, aid content creation, and even revamp existing material.

How to survive the search results when you’re using AI tools for content

Avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the benefits of AI content creation. Adopt a collaborative approach that blends technology and human expertise.

Email Marketing Trends for 2024: Competitive Differentiators

Email marketing is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and energy from year to year. Just a few of the recent changes and challenges that email marketers have had to deal with include:

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