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E-mail Marketing Services

We provide end-to-end, hassle-free and 100% transparent email marketing services. At IT Munch, we believe inbox is a place where business relationships can be nurtured. As a pioneering email marketing service provider, we help you in setting up email marketing campaigns from scratch and leverage the power of email marketing

Product Knowledge: The Unmined Gem In The B2B Buyer’s Journey


Digital Marketing: A Tool For Raising Brand Awareness And A Direct Avenue For Sales Generation

Digital Marketing

Signed, Sent, Delivered: Mastering Emails

Discover email deliverability secrets and boost customer satisfaction with expert strategies.

Red Flags to Look for in an Email Marketing Platform: Pointers for Email Marketers

An email marketing platform or software is a critical tool for B2B marketers, it helps maintain consistent communication with existing and potential customers. It’s important to choose a best-fit email marketing platform based on your individual team’s use case and to know what red flags to look for when choosing an email marketing platform.

From Craigslist Flips To Digital Dominance: The Rise Of Jen Peterson’s Asano Media

Peterson built Asano Media into a one-stop shop for all your marketing and advertising needs.

Six must-have email marketing flows to elevate your customer journey

Email marketing flows are crucial for crafting a seamless and personalised customer journey. From the initial welcome series that set the tone for a customer relationship through to re-engagement campaigns that reignite interest and post-purchase flows that build loyalty, establishing an email marketing flow is critical to the success of a retailer-customer relationship.

5 Acquisition Channels To Grow Your Customer Base

The right customer acquisition channels can help you differentiate yourself as the better option for customers switching brands. We’ve outlined five acquisition channels and complementing tech tools to get you started. Even better? Our research is backed by proprietary Software Advice survey data as well as insights from leading global research firm Gartner.

How Retailers Can Elevate Marketing And Messaging To Ring In The Revenues

The seasonal calendar has evolved, creating opportunities for brands to innovate CX on mobile and apps and cash in on nuances in user interest and intent.

Birdseye’s AI-powered chief marketing officer drives personalized email campaigns for retailers

Meet Birdseye, a Toronto-based company focused on retail and e-commerce artificial intelligence. Matt Bogoroch started the company in 2021 with his brother, Adam Bogoroch, and Shardul Frey to provide e-commerce analytics for Shopify brands to improve their marketing and advertising efforts and put them in an even playing field with larger companies.

The Best Email Marketing Services And Survey Software Of 2023

Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any digital marketing channel, with the potential to earn around $36 for every dollar spent. Businesses of all sizes can invest in email marketing software to help boost their reach and customize their efforts. The best email marketing services are easy to use and affordable, and they provide list-building tools and the ability to create eye-catching messages. To help you choose the right software for your business, we evaluated the top options on their usability, affordability and features.

How Modern Technology is Rewriting the Rules of Marketing

Over the past decade, we've witnessed a whirlwind of transformative changes that have redefined the very essence of digital marketing.

The Essential Email Marketing Strategy for 2023

As we all know, sometimes businesses consider email marketing a necessary evil. But the truth is far from that. In this blog post, you’ll find ten essential steps that you need to follow to build a solid email marketing plan that boosts your marketing strategy as a whole.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is experiencing a revolutionary shift, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Digital marketing agencies are increasingly harnessing AI’s power to transform their strategies and methodologies. This innovative tool is reshaping the way we approach online marketing, delivering precision and efficiency that were once unattainable.

Echoworx Achieves AWS Qualified Software Certification for Cloud-Based Email Encryption Solution

Echoworx successfully completes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review, providing further trust assurance for leading global enterprises.

Stensul draws on new capital to boost marketing creation features

The company is a multi-channel marketing creation platform providing tools to help customers more easily create campaigns.

From Vision to Victory: Digital Verto's Journey as Vijayawada's Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Verto offers end-to-end, bespoke and innovative Branding, Web & App Development, and Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer & PR services.

The state of digital marketing: ETBrandEquity and Ipsos special report

Digital Marketing

Business applications for marketing automation

The integration of modern and robust business applications can empower marketers to establish unified messaging

The Rise of Retail Media – Exploring its Growth

While brands have been targeting prospective customers through social media platforms for many years, the time is now ripe for leveraging retail media. Through this medium, marketers can connect with customers as they are shopping on eCommerce platforms. What exactly is retail media? How has it grown over the years? Read on to learn more about the rise of retail media and its applications for marketers.

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