5 Marketing Emails That Drive Sales

Here are five ways to use email marketing to increase your sales.

The Pandemic Jury: Email Marketers Weigh In On New And Old Tools,CX: What's Next? Brands Forced To Respond To Changing Customer Patterns,B2B Succumbs To Digital: Buyers Prefer It To Other Sales Channels

In a sign of the new digital reality, 75% say the new digital sales model is more effective or as much so than before.

Why Customer Champions Need to Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Building trust and credibility is essential when engaging with prospects.

Advanced Website Strategies Talks About The Benefits Of Email Marketing

October 2020, Bluffton, SC - Bluffton-based digital marketing agency, Advanced Website Strategies, tackles the benefits of email marketing and how it helps generate the highest return on investment for businesses.

Do You Need Template Builders for Marketing Emails?

This is when you should ask yourself: Do you need template builders for marketing emails? The short answer is it depends, and the long answer is that you want to mix up the template based on what you are sending, and the focus is on what the audience wants.

Re-Engagement Email Strategy (With Examples)

When your audience seems to lose interest in your email marketing campaigns, re-engage them with this strategy.

How to Use AI to Create a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Startup

This article is for you if you’re working on setting up a digital marketing strategy for your startup. It outlines what data-driven digital marketing is, where AI comes into play, and how you can make the best use of this technology’s potential. With what you’ll learn here, your startup’s digital marketing strategy can excel from the beginning.

How To Effectively Market Your Small Business

If you want to market your small business and improve its online presence, here are four ways to get started.

Emarketing strategy and tips for successful campaigns

Whether you own a small business or if you are part of a corporation, you need to know what email marketing is and what email marketing strategies you can use to boost your sales.


Email marketing is all about personalization, but that doesn't mean you have to do everything from scratch every time. Instead, use templates to improve your process.

Omnisend Q3 Report: Marketing Automation Gives DTC Brands An Edge This Holiday Season

Ecommerce businesses are adopting marketing automation on email, SMS, and web push message at a rapid pace to maximize revenue and get holiday-ready


Consumers receive marketing messages from nearly every device and website they visit, often leaving them blind to some of the ads retailers purchase. But retailers can connect effectively with customers if they learn how to utilize data to their advantage and reach shoppers where they are already browsing.

Win-Back Email Newsletters: Engaging Examples for Marketing

Don’t lose heart. When it comes to email marketing, there is always an opportunity for a do-over. If subscribers have not finally unsubscribed, you still have a chance to win them back with a re-engaging Win-Back email.

Why The Connected Consumer is at The Heart of The Digital World

Connected consumers like to be kept informed generally. They want to get all the updates about their recent orders, they want to know new products they may like, and they especially like news about offers, discounts, and rewards for loyal customers. They will enjoy being asked about their review and to rate their services.

Latest Shopping Trends Emphasize Need for Retail Marketing Foresight

In the new COVID-19 reality, consumers have extra time on their hands to find other ways to shop as traditional storefronts become less accessible and convenient.

5 Tips To Succeed In Digital Marketing For Logistics Companies

Here are five useful tips that a logistics company should consider to succeed by using digital marketing.

To survive what’s coming, most retailers will have to work with what they’ve got: email

Ometria’s Hannah Stacey outlines how retail marketers will have to change their email strategy in response to the pandemic.