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Product Knowledge: The Unmined Gem In The B2B Buyer’s Journey


Mastering Moosend – A Strategic Guide to Elevate Your Email Marketing Game

Embarking on a journey into Moosend, the all-in-one marketing platform, is a strategic move for digital enthusiasts. This comprehensive guide is designed to unravel the features of Moosend methodically, ensuring you are well-equipped to navigate this powerful tool. Let’s delve into the critical aspects of using Moosend, from the initial setup to advanced features.

Google Merchant Center And Manual Product Updates

Google Merchant Center (GMC) and the quality of the product data in your feed are so important to how well Shopping campaigns can do. Both getting the feed into GMC and the accuracy of the data can be limiting to companies.

B2B email marketing: 3 strategies for advanced personalization

Turn monotonous B2B emails into personalized conversations. Learn how to create engaging experiences that speak directly to your audience.

How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy For Maximum Engagement And Conversions

Optimizing an email marketing strategy can help a business deliver messages to the right people at the right time.

Marketers’ Guide To Inboxing In 2024: Meet And Beat The New Sender Requirements

Google and Yahoo are shaking up the email marketing game, and it’s time to get in on the action. The inbox landscape is about to undergo a makeover, with new sender requirements rolling out early next year. Although the two email giants have come forward with a list of standards for bulk senders, the following three require more effort to achieve: Implement email authentication, Provide one-click unsubscribing, Keep spam rate below 0.3%.

Digital Must-Dos: 3 End of Year Essential Digital Marketing Tasks for Your Credit Union

As the year draws to a close, credit unions have a prime opportunity to assess their digital marketing strategies and make necessary adjustments for the upcoming year. Let’s explore three essential digital marketing tasks that you should prioritize before the year ends. These tasks are designed to enhance online visibility, engage audiences effectively, and set the stage for a successful digital marketing strategy in the year ahead.

How Retailers Can Elevate Marketing And Messaging To Ring In The Revenues

The seasonal calendar has evolved, creating opportunities for brands to innovate CX on mobile and apps and cash in on nuances in user interest and intent.

Meta rolls out lead generation ad tools, AI features across family of apps

Advertisers will be able to apply AI across targeting, creative, placements and budget on the Meta Advantage suite of ad automation products.

Top 17 Online Marketing Platforms to Improve Your Digital Marketing

With so much variety in digital and marketing, we have selected a variety of online marketing platforms covering a range of these marketing types.

Sociable: Breaking down Meta-Amazon deal to ease shopping on Facebook and IG

Sociable” is the latest commentary on important social media developments and trends from industry expert Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today.

AI Tools for Better Social Media Profiles

An engaging profile is crucial for standing out on social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Here are three tools to help.

Best Email Hosting Services of 2023

Today’s email systems are more personalized than ever and more integrated with social media and other mobile apps. Many email hosting services apply AI techniques to automate creating, personalizing, and scheduling email to make messages as effective as possible. It’s clear to us that email is no graybeard technology – its contributions to businesses are far from over, and the best email hosting services today have a lot to offer.

Mastering Digital Marketing for Lawn, Landscape and Outdoor Living Businesses

Effective marketing is crucial for lawn, landscape, and outdoor living businesses looking to thrive in today’s competitive market. If you're striving for better quality leads, a stronger local brand, and a deeper understanding of the intricacies of digital marketing, you're not alone. Every business owner in the industry faces similar challenges, and those who adapt, learn, and apply the principles of effective digital marketing will undoubtedly rise to the top.

Mailcoach now includes split testing, MJML, Livewire 3 support, and much more

MailCoach, the email marketing platform by Spatie just announced a new version that includes split testing, MJML support, Livewire 3, data tables, and more.

How to find high-potential keywords for SEO

High-potential keywords don’t come from keyword planners or SEO tools. They come from third parties. Here’s how to find them.

The Rise of Retail Media – Exploring its Growth

While brands have been targeting prospective customers through social media platforms for many years, the time is now ripe for leveraging retail media. Through this medium, marketers can connect with customers as they are shopping on eCommerce platforms. What exactly is retail media? How has it grown over the years? Read on to learn more about the rise of retail media and its applications for marketers.

7 tips to create PPC text ads that are trustworthy and clickworthy

Your text ads should build trust, not set off alarm bells. Use these trust signals to make PPC ads drive confidence and clicks.

Dummies guide to GenAI for digital marketing

Here's a look at the generative AI Solutions in advertising and marketing offered by big tech.

Onesend and ActiveCampaign support Australian office gear sales

Stuart and Dunn Office Choice relies on ActiveCampaign locally and Onesend nationally to reach both B2B and retail audiences.

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