How To Choose An Email Marketing Platform [Infographic]

Today, there are several marketing services that can help you achieve successful marketing goals. However, only a few provide the best features. So, what should you look for in an email marketing platform? Take a look at the infographic below to find out.

Conversion Tracking 101

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Pandemic Accelerates the Erosion of Brick-and-Mortar Providing New Opportunities this Holiday Season for eCommerce

According to Digital Commerce 360’s annual retail holiday survey release in September, 33 percent of retails are projecting that web sales will increase by as much as 24 percent this holiday season – notably due to the pandemic and the continued shift to online shopping.

How Video & Animation Can Boost the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing

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Want To Increase Your Email Open Rates? Follow These Six Rules

In this article, I put together a few of my top rules for bolstering open rates so you can drive more conversions and sales.

Want To Increase Your Email Open Rates? Follow These Six Rules

In this article, I put together a few of my top rules for bolstering open rates so you can drive more conversions and sales.

12 Things To Double-Check Before Hitting Send On A Marketing Email

Here, 12 experts from Forbes Agency Council discuss the most crucial aspects that marketers should verify before sending any kind of email, whether it is part of a welcome, promotional, drip, newsletter, reengagement or any other type of email campaign.


Here’s what you need to do to grow sales on your own website.

Why The Connected Consumer is at The Heart of The Digital World

Connected consumers like to be kept informed generally. They want to get all the updates about their recent orders, they want to know new products they may like, and they especially like news about offers, discounts, and rewards for loyal customers. They will enjoy being asked about their review and to rate their services.

360° Marketing Strategy – a new way of developing business

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Top 3 tips to increase inbox deliverability

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While it makes sense to experiment with every type of video, some are more likely to generate results than others.

2020 Holiday Email Marketing Starts Early

According to Coresight Research, a consulting firm, 23 percent of U.S. consumers plan to start 2020 holiday shopping earlier than in prior years. Ecommerce merchants should plan holiday email marketing now.

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Study: Why your emails are being opened, but not clicked

Consumers are now said to be more responsive to email marketing nowadays as a result of COVID-19