Top 10 Best whatsapp marketing companies in India 2023

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, easily outpacing WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. You undoubtedly want to reap the benefits of WhatsApp marketing. It is now one of the most effective digital marketing tactics for communicating with prospects and increasing consumer engagement.

10 Must Have Ecommerce Revenue Tools For 2023

The eCommerce space underwent a series of disruptions in leaps and bounds over the last several years. As the age of digitalization progresses, consumer demands unequivocally increase, leaving companies relentlessly scouring for cutting-edge tools here and there.

E-commerce Marketing Essentials: 10 Actionable Tactics to Drive More Sales

No matter your business, you need to increase sales to grow your business. Whether selling products or services, you must focus on getting prospects to your business’s front door. While most believe setting up a website and listing the products is all it takes to have an e-commerce business, there is more to it if you wish to be successful. But with the growing competition and over 12 million e-commerce stores competing for customers in various sectors, it is important to be where your customers are.

How to Increase Online Sales for Your Ecommerce: 8 Top Tips

Using a Powerful Email Strategy, Work on SEO, Nurture Special Offers Via Social Media, Use Chatbots, Link Social Media Accounts to Your Store, Evaluate Your Customer’s Cart, Implement Money Back Guarantee Option, Use Landing Pages.

Third Acquisition and $110M round for European Martech Positive Group

This fundraising opens a new phase in the development of the Positive group, which was founded in 2001 around its core software Mailify. Over the years, the publisher has developed a galaxy of solutions dedicated to digital business communication: email and SMS (marketing and transactional), creation of automated workflows, conversational marketing with livechat and chatbot, sales engagement, etc. As a key player in digital communication for companies for more than 20 years, Positive Group (formerly Sarbacane Group), parent company of Mailify and rapidmail announced a $110M fundraising from EMZ and banking institutions, at same time a third acquisition in 2 years with the purchase of the company Marketing 1BY1.

Digital Marketers Take Fragmented Tactics to New Targets

Top Digital Marketing Innovations, Digging Deeper Into Digital Marketing

One in four now make majority of purchases online

Top Tips For Catering To Online Shoppers’ Needs: Go omnichannel, Make it easy for customers to get in touch, Provide a range of payment options, Make the website mobile-friendly.

What Is The Best Crm Software

The best real estate CRM software is essential to every agent, because it lets you keep your contacts organized, streamlined and under your control. With the right everyday tools, you can build a system that fits your individual needs and helps you grow your business. However, choosing the right system isn't always easy. While there are many options out there, it's important to consider specific features when shopping for a real estate CRM. Internet searches can deliver a long list of possible software solutions. The challenge is making sense of it all. In this post, we'll help you sort through the options and find the best real estate CRM software.

Role of AI in Digital Marketing

AI has become mainstream to large brands and businesses who integrate technology to their business growth. Breaking the different stages of marketing and identifying the relevance of AI in each of these stages will help businesses propel forward their growth.