7 Easy Ways to Drive High Quality Traffic to Your Landing Page Anyone Can Use

Driving high-quality traffic to your landing page doesn’t have to involve complicated or expensive marketing. And if it does involve money, the methods you choose should give you a high return on investment (ROI).

12 Must-Haves For Tracking Your Digital Marketing Campaign

This article discusses 12 must-have metrics that you must track to ensure your digital marketing campaign is a success.Let us dive in:

Understanding & Overcoming Top Email Inboxing Challenges

Regular maintenance of subscriber lists continues to be essential in 2021, and email subscriber acquisition is an extraordinarily scalable and cost effective way to keep subscriber lists growing while inactive subscribers are filtered out. Advertisers who leverage DMS for email subscriber acquisition are connected with high-intent subscribers who opted in to receive communications.

Build Resilience with Email Monetization – Newsletter Publishers’ Ace in the Hole

Email newsletter monetization with programmatic native ads is thus the ultimate ace in the hole for publishers. The technology delivers the right content at the right time, bringing you closer to your main goal: earning revenue, and at the same time, delivering engaging content your readers are responsive to.

How to Maximize Your Email Marketing ROI

If you want to develop an effective email marketing strategy, stick around. We are here to show you several tips and tricks you can use to skyrocket engagement on your next email campaign.

6 Email Marketing Apps to Help Your Business Grow

To reap those benefits, though, you don’t just need the right marketing content. You need the right tools that will help you save time and money and scale your email marketing.

Online Education Success’ Effective Marketing Techniques Help Improve Business Conversions

In today’s highly competitive digital space, a website plays a vital role in creating brand visibility and in acquiring ample traffic. Isn’t it nice to be noticed online? However, not all website traffic is good. Every business owner should aim at having a website designed to generate quality traffic that converts. This means, turning website visitors into sales.

Tips for Building a Robust B2B Email Marketing Strategy

When it comes to methods for nurturing potential clients for your B2B organization, email is both the most effective and generates the highest ROI of any business marketing strategy. With an average ROI of 122%, email marketing generates at least four times higher ROI than any other digital marketing channel.

How To Use Automation To Supercharge Your Marketing And Streamline Your Processes

Utilizing automation tools can significantly improve business functioning and growth. Automation is known to cut through the tedious and lethargic process and increase efficiency whilst eliminating any risk of manual error. The aforementioned automation tools can be great options for your bite-sized approach to supercharge your marketing and streamline processes with efficiency.

Email Subject Lines That Work in Apartment Marketing

Simple ways to make sure emails get opened and read by prospects and existing renters.

Top10 Reasons How Digital Marketing Helps In Making Business Profitable?

It is the reality that we board a technology-dependent world where the internet plays a major role. The Internet has enabled businesses to interact with their target audience. This is the reason why digital marketing is taking up from traditional marketing channels. However, another reason can be affordability. Digital marketing is affordable if compared to other channels.

7 Best Free Email Marketing Services Compared

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of digital marketing. This marketing trend has been around for a long time and is there to stay. Although, there have been developments in this area with the introduction of new technologies. Let’s look at the following free email marketing services review, written by our guest post topic author Alex Lysak from Scanteam.

How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) Changing the Digital Marketing Game?

With the greater accessibility of artificial intelligence, more and more brands are embracing it within their digital marketing strategy. The fact that AI provides timely customer service, relevant recommendations, and enhanced user experience is irrefutable.For businesses, it offers valuable insights that are key to making informed decisions.


As a digital marketer,it is essential to pay attention to trends to stay on top of changing best practices without disrupting the marketing strategy.

About Shopify’s Email Marketing Tool for SMBs

Shopify, one of the most prominent ecommerce shop creators, announced that it is now making its innovative and comprehensive email marketing feature available to merchants worldwide. This release was provided as a way to help small to mid-sized businesses that were struggling with the impact of COVID-19 and needed to pivot to an online platform. Here is what you need to know about email marketing on Shopify.

Email Marketing for Law Firms: Good2bSocial Digital Certification Part 7

Continuing the National Law Review’s overview of the Good2bSocial digital marketing certification, this week we look to Email Marketing for law firms. Email Marketing is a critical element of law firm digital marketing, and the Good2bSocial Digital Marketing Certification provides an overview of key principles such as Email Segmentation, A/B Testing and Email Marketing Drip Campaigns. Kevin Vermeulen Good2bSocial’s COO:, “There is a natural sense of urgency that tends to accompany the legal field that marketers can take advantage of with email marketing.”

7 Email Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2021

In this post, you will learn seven of the most effective tips to create your 2021 email marketing strategy. These email marketing tips can help you run winning email marketing campaigns and get you much better results from your campaigns.Ready to learn more about these email marketing strategies?Here you go.

Say Goodbye to Cookies

The era of cookies is coming to an end. But that doesn’t mean that companies should abandon personalization — it’s just time for a new, better approach.

How to Improve B2C Lead Generation Services?

Today B2B lead generation is all about knowing and getting down to the specific details of a consumer’s likes and dislikes. This knowledge forms the basis of B2C lead generation services. One of the main driving factors of B2C lead generation services is a clear and concise pitching of products or service ideas so that consumers get a quick sneak peek into what they can expect.

How Marketing Automation Can Increase Ecommerce Jewelry Sales & In-Store Leads

There’s a lot that goes into a marketing funnel. It’s so much more than just having a website for your online jewelry store. You have to have organic SEO in place, dynamic ads across your chosen display network, Google search campaigns along with Facebook and Instagram shopping (not to mention targeting Facebook and Instagram Lookalike audiences to make sure no prospects slip through the cracks). And that’s not even scratching the surface, because you’ll also have to consider things like email automation, Google Shopping and so much more.