Validity Invests in Flagship DemandTools Platform for Continual Delivery of Clean, Report-Ready Data

Today Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, launched a V release of its flagship DemandTools product. The data quality powerhouse enables organizations to market, sell, and support more effectively by making it easier to continuously maintain clean, accurate, and trustworthy data.

Delta Media Breaks Through Tech Clutter With New "Delta Fresh" Ads

Real estate agents and brokers, in particular, are inundated with technology ads. Fueled by the Venture Capital investment in ProTech firms, tens of billions of dollars are flowing into the real estate space.

Zoho CRM review

In our Zoho CRM (customer relationship management) review, we look at one of the best CRM software packages available today, including contact management, email marketing, and sales automation features that can help you win new business.

SendSquared Partners with Barefoot Technologies to Bring Advanced Data and Marketing Solutions to Barefoot's Vacation Rental Management Platform

The collaboration will integrate SendSquared’s guest insights and communications technology with Barefoot’s VRM capabilities to provide vacation rental management companies (VRMCs) with tools to take guest communications to the next level.

Top 5 Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Before we dive into the main topic of email marketing tools or plugins, we need to know what email marketing is. Email marketing is the way of doing marketing through sending emails to a mass of people at once with either the same or different content. And for sending emails at once to the massive of the people, we need plugins for WordPress or tools, which is known to be email marketing tool. you can find the most reliable and effective plugins as given below. It’s top five email marketing plugins for WordPress. So, Let’s begin,

8 Ways to to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy in One Month

Working to improve your email marketing strategy is a smart first step to higher return on investment (ROI). Here are the top ways to improve your email marketing efforts and gain maximum results with your target audience.

How SaaS Companies Can Boost User Engagement With Video Marketing

Increase traffic, engage your audience, build relationships, maximize ROI and enhance customer loyalty.

Mastering the Art of Email List-Building

Before becoming proficient at email conversations, we believe that understanding the nitty-gritties of effective list building will refresh your marketing strategies. This will ultimately help you reach potential and existing customers in more active ways. Here are five practical tactics that can really add zest to your email list-building strategy.

Optimove Raises $75 Million to Deliver AI-Mapped Customer Journeys and Personalization at Scale

Optimove, a leader in CRM marketing, today announced a $75 million investment led by global growth investor Summit Partners. The financing will support continued investment in strategic hiring and M&A, expansion of the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing platform, and further acceleration of Optimove’s rapid growth. The company also announced the addition of Summit Partners’ Head of Europe, Han Sikkens, and Managing Director Steffan Peyer to its Board of Directors.

Awesome email marketing guide [Free Download]

The 6 emails that agents should be sending to their audience

Exclusive Q&A: Party City gets sales bump from email marketing with AI

A leading party goods retailer is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to increase the engagement and open rates of customer email campaigns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Review

Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Email Studio helps businesses build smarter emails, from basic marketing campaigns to enhanced one-on-one messages. Salesforce's email tools allow you to send your target audience great content, using it to grow your subscriber base and automate all of your email responsibilities. This tool is great for sales teams and larger corporations that want to improve their email marketing efforts through email.

How digital marketing smarts doubled revenue at this Aussie fashion brand

How a leap to an enterprise-level digital marketing platform paid off for St Frock just as Covid landed

Groove Integrated Email Marketing CRM – Web Design/Sales Platform Launched

LaMark Group LLC has announced a new update to the popular Groove suite for marketers, e-commerce store owners, and entrepreneurs. It provides full CRM functionality and integrates powerful solutions for business growth.

E-mail marketing is bigger than ever, so here’s how your small business should do it

Email can be a powerful marketing tool. But it takes work and a plan.

Twilio Expands Into Marketing With First New Product Born Of $3.2 Billion Acquisition Of Segment

“The major difference between Twilio and everyone else is that everyone else is trying to sell you an app,” Lawson says. Founded in 2008, Twilio has grown to a $60 billion market cap business for cloud communications on the strength of its “building blocks” that allow developers to build apps tailored for their own businesses. Also known as APIs, they function as connective code which allows a developer to easily integrate different apps into their own product. “I think this is more realistic,” he says.

Email Retargeting Campaigns and Best Practices

Email marketing is most effective when customers receive content that resonates with them. Retargeting emails are both personalized and pertinent. Learn how to use retargeting in your campaigns.

How this industrial supplies retailer used marketing automation to keep up with customers

Bunzl, an industrial and safety supplies provider, shares the steps taken to deliver more relevant and timely customer communications and engagement

What Marketers Need to Know About Intuit's $12B Acquisition of Mailchimp

Intuit’s $12 billion acquisition of email marketing provider Mailchimp last month represents the largest of any single standalone marketing software startup of its kind. For acquired software providers that focus purely on marketing outcomes, the closest that comes to mind would be Adobe’s $4.75 billion grab of Marketo in 2018. But $12 billion? That’s hallowed ground for private software companies and certainly one of the top for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based providers.

Ask Your Pr Firm To Dig Deeper To Achieve Meaningful Results

Here are three ways you should leverage your PR firm to supercharge marketing results.