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Everlytic frees up email marketing capacity for South Africa businesses

Everlytic’s Digital Services Team takes the workload off marketers by building and sending effective email campaigns for them.

Digital marketing is the number one item on operators’ tech stack wish lists

More than one-third of operators are unsatisfied with their digital marketing tech stack and 39% are unhappy with their loyalty program

How to Power up your Digital Marketing with Deep Learning Predictions

Today, 83% of organizations worldwide cite AI as a top priority, with the AI market projected to surge twentyfold by 2030. Amidst intensifying competition, it makes sense that businesses do not dare disregard AI technologies anymore.

9 Best Business Automation Software in 2024

Business automation software automates repetitive and mundane tasks in a wide variety of business processes, including invoicing, marketing, customer service, data entry, customer communication, and workflow management.

How digital marketing can be empowered to create more personalised experiences

Relevance and personalisation are increasingly becoming important for brands and marketers to scale up their engagement with consumers and increasing customer satisfaction. In today’s volatile business environment, harnessing data analytics to strengthen digital marketing strategies for hyper-personalised experiences is essential.

Salesforce Einstein Copilot Brings New Reasoning And Actions To Enterprise Generative Ai

It’s one thing to have a basic chatbot that can provide answers to simple questions, but it’s quite another to have a fully generative AI-powered platform that can actually perform actions.

A Scoop On Digital Marketing Services

To create a successful digital marketing campaign, comprehensive services,and useful tools must be integrated into a solid strategy. Keeping a focus on the big picture while delving into details is the hallmark of the best marketers. The following list will give you all the information you need about digital marketing tools and digital marketing services.

How to Rebuild Trust After E-Commerce Blunders

One of the big marketing decisions confronting e-commerce vendors today is whether current performance is good enough. Online vendors need to consider their customers' shopping experience in order to assess existing barriers to stronger shopper responsiveness to digital storefronts.

Nylas Introduces its Nylas Email for Salesforce Package

Email Salesforce package to access comprehensive customer communications data to gain a better understanding of their customers, align on new business and upsell opportunities, and build AI workflows that increase productivity by eliminating context switching around data entry and maintenance.

Emailexpert Email Marketing Deliverability Training & Certification Program: Launch of New Industry Standards in Spain

Emailexpert launch newly-developed deliverability certification and training program , the first-of-its-kind pilot program in Alicante, Spain May 30 & 31st 2024

Digital marketing trends reshaping auto retail

Québec’s Law 25 is a prelude for what’s coming up in Canada, while CDP (customer data platform) is more than just cooler talk among digital marketers. These trends are set to reshape the industry, as consumer data collection takes on new meaning in 2024 and beyond.

MDS Brand Offers New Digital Marketing Tools

The company’s customizable web-design services include an AI content creation tool, customer relations software and a boat configurator.

ActiveCampaign Helps Customers Kick off the New Year with Additional Growth Accelerator Apps

Kicking off the new year, ActiveCampaign, the leader in customer experience automation (CXA), celebrates the addition of several new Growth Accelerator Apps. These new apps promise to help ActiveCampaign customers better automate events, surveys, data storage, direct mail and more.

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