Insurance and marketing automation: all you need to know

1. What is marketing automation? 2. Why marketing automation is useful to the insurance industry 3. Insurance and marketing automation: Some practical examples

Is Your Email Marketing Software The Right One? 5-Point Assessment Guide

According to a Litmus study, every $1 invested in email marketing yields a profit of $36 —which is quite a return. Moreover, 78% of marketers say email marketing is crucial for the success of a business. Why? Some of the reasons are hidden in the fact that email marketing is personal, customizable, and measurable. When leveraging it for business growth, your email marketing software can make all the difference. However, with the hundreds of tools out there, where do you begin? This five-point guide will help you choose the right software for your business.

A Guide to B2B Marketing Automation That Generates Quick Results

If you’re a B2B business, you know how much there is to manage in the marketing and sales departments: content marketing and SEO for your blog, social media management to engage with customers directly, email campaign monitoring for leads, and customer relationships. B2B marketing automation exists to help businesses streamline all of these important aspects of their business so they’re able to move leads through the sales funnel quickly. We work with many businesses to help with their automation so we’ve assembled the best practices you need to know to get started down the path of automation that leads to high-impact results for your business.

A Few Proven CRM Hacks for Marketers

For start-ups, companies, and smaller businesses alike, having a customer relationship management system in place is critical; it can make or break things. CRM is an investment you should make if you want to improve your overall brand and customer relationship management technique. A CRM helps you nurture leads at every stage of their journey with you by putting them at the center of your operations. Improved revenue, higher customer happiness, and a more productive staff will all result from this.

At Mailchimp, Holistic Marketing Tools Designed to Scale SMEs

CMO Michelle Taite discusses how email marketing is changing and how Mailchimp is evolving beyond email platform into an all-in-one marketing service with data-backed automations, AI tools and analytics.

Pipedrive Adds New Automated Solutions to Its Marketing Campaign Management Suite to Empower Marketers

Pipedrive, the global sales-first CRM and intelligent revenue management platform for small businesses, announced today the launch of its new beta workflow automation feature in Campaigns by Pipedrive. Designed to help customers simplify marketing campaign management and bring their sales and marketing teams onto one platform, the new automated solutions aim to empower marketers by helping them to optimize the marketing strategy, reduce workload and tap effectively into data.

Validity Unveils Premium Data Quality Solutions to Salesforce Users at Dreamforce 2022

With these latest offerings, Validity is ensuring the Salesforce community is empowered with tools that provide a path for successful data management, for businesses of all sizes. Users can review data records and identify and fix issues in their CRM system – protecting data quality and ultimately the bottom line.

A Scoop On Digital Marketing Services

To create a successful digital marketing campaign, comprehensive services,and useful tools must be integrated into a solid strategy. Keeping a focus on the big picture while delving into details is the hallmark of the best marketers. The following list will give you all the information you need about digital marketing tools and digital marketing services.

5 essential tools to move your hotel out of the digital stone age

Today, tons of tools and resources are available to manage digital marketing more effectively. From business intelligence tools to market research and workflow-reducing solutions, there is a tool for every challenge. Too bad that most hotels are still stuck in the 2010s and don't make use of these. In this article I will introduce five must-have tools for an up-to-date modern digital marketing setup.

Three Ways a Growth Partner Can Advance Digital Engagement Initiatives

C-stores that were early adopters of digital marketing thrived in the pandemic, but those just starting the digital journey can still make up for lost time. Finding a Growth Partner, Bridging Strategies, Clearly Defining Objectives, Identifying Relevant & Agile Programs

How to Win Guests and Influence Booking Behavior

Hotels can unlock 15-25% more revenue on each booking when they identify better strategies for communicating with and connecting with their guests

8 Of The Best CRM For Law Firms

CRM for law firms will increasingly be something of a make-or-break tool that legal practices need.

How to Build a Powerful, Results-Driven Media Relations Campaign By Utilizing Data

Building credibility through thought leadership and third-party endorsement is critical within the B2B space — and there's no better way to achieve this than releasing statistically valid data that can help inform business practices for your brand's audience.

10 tried-and-true modern marketing strategies that always work

Storytelling, Month-wise brand strategy, Month-wise brand strategy, Email Marketing, Strong Consumer Relationship Management (CRM), Behaviour-based marketing strategy

Constellation Introduces Easy-To-Use Email Marketing Tools for Homebuilders

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home building software solutions and services, introduces BuildTopia Marketing, a powerful email marketing tool for residential home builders enabling them to easily create marketing campaigns and send beautiful emails with just a few clicks. This module is available exclusively as part of the company’s BuildTopia Enterprise offering.

College Startup: Or Why You Should Study Marketing as a Business Owner

Starting early in your college days and giving wings to your business idea means you have more time to experiment in the market, create better networking, greater risk-taking abilities, scope to upgrade your business skills and have more years to remain in the business world. With so many advantages, you can’t ignore the opportunity that lies ahead for you in the business world. With correct strategies and the right skills, including sales and marketing and finance, the sky’s the limit.

How Digital Marketing is Shaping the Service Industry

Service industries like legal firms, healthcare, and education are at the forefront of digital marketing. Digital marketing provides them with services such as strategy, branding, web design, content management system development, etc, and helps their clients transform their business into a digital one. Let’s see how digital marketing has shaped the service industry in a better way.

7 Practical Ways to Determine Guests’ Preferences Pre-Arrival

A hotel business like yours should embrace powerful strategies to promote a pre-arrival experience for the customers, rather than waiting to offer them services when they physically arrive at your hotel premises. Guests’ experiences are of utmost importance for hotel businesses, and there are ways to improve them right at the initial touchpoint, i.e., pre-arrival.

A 3-phased approach to proactive online reputation management

It's better to take steps to build a better online reputation now instead of waiting for a crisis to blow up your business.

Best Slack Integrations and Apps to Streamline Your Workflow

Slack integrations can help businesses increase collaboration and communication by allowing team members to talk directly to each other in real-time. This can help improve customer service by providing faster response times. It also allows teams to share information more easily between departments, which can improve overall efficiency.