Things You Should Consider Before Starting Out With Marketing Cloud

Everything you need to know to implement your own effective marketing plan.

5 Best Sales Automation Tools for 2022

Sales automation tools increase your productivity without compromising quality. However, knowing which tools are preferred for your business to expedite your lead and demand generation process is vital.

Ecommerce website builder vs ecommerce platform vs storefront builder: what's the difference?

Find out which one is the best solution for your online store

Top 10 Email Marketing Companies in 2022

When you send a commercial email to your email subscribers, this is called email marketing. It is used as a marketing tactic to attract new consumers, increase revenue, and create a customer community.

How Marketing Automation Will Work For You

What martech offers is the chance for marketers to take back control of their time and budget. It helps by managing the mundane tasks – such as updating the organization’s CRM or sending emails – so the marketing department can get back to being creative. Here’s how to make the most of your automation…

Growing Businesses Increase Opportunities for New Customers by 110% with ActiveCampaign

To close out a year of rapid growth and success, customers of ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), reported a 110% average increase in new leads compared to last year and a 94% improvement in the amount of leads that became customers, proving the effectiveness of ActiveCampaign’s platform.

Postalytics Launches First Free Direct Mail Automation Marketing Software in Canada

Businesses can now automate the creation, sending, and tracking of direct mail with innovative software that has just launched in Canada.

Adva Mobile Adds New Auto-Reply Message Option for Creative Artists

Adva Mobile Corporation, the leading mobile marketing platform for Creative Artists to acquire, engage, and sell to their Fans on mobile devices, expanded their popular marketing platform with new custom autoresponder message options when Fans text a specific, Artist defined keyword into their own unique text number. The text number is provided to Creative Artists on the platform and is the center of their mobile marketing efforts to acquire new fans, engage them on mobile devices, and sell to them.

How to Use HubSpot Tools for Your SaaS Business (+ Examples)

Specifically, HubSpot provides you with all the tools you need to nurture your leads and provide an extraordinary customer experience once you make the sale. After all, service is what SaaS relies on.

The best marketing email examples for small businesses

In this article, we’ll explore some proven marketing email examples and techniques that you can use to drive leads through your marketing funnel, and get them to buy. You’ll be able to create strong email campaigns, understand the types of emails you need to send, hone your messaging, and discover the best marketing tools and software to reach your goals.

Salesforce Pardot review

Salesforce Pardot: The powerful B2B marketing software with high performance and a broad range of features.

BoomTown changing the face of real estate technology

Finding a real estate technology that focuses on marketing is an absolute must in order to remain competitive in the industry. Real estate professionals need to be able to leverage tools such as real estate CRM platforms that can do everything they need and more, and finding such a platform can be a challenge – oftentimes you can find one that does a few of the things you need, but not all of them. This is where BoomTown, billed as an “all-in-one” real estate CRM and marketing platform, shows the most promise. The biggest draw that BoomTown offers, and delivers on, is how this single platform can indeed act as a fully-fledged ecosystem for accomplishing these tasks.

Best CRM Software And Systems 2022

Unlike other forms of business software, CRM represents a new way of working — one that should result in higher performance with less overhead. But this change will be managed gradually, requiring organizations to commit to a platform over a substantial period of time.

Global Marketing Automation Markets, 2021-2030: Surging Social Media Usage Across the Globe

The "Marketing Automation Market Research Report - Global Industry Analysis and Growth Forecast to 2030" report has been added to's offering.

2022 Insurtech Gift Guide: The Ideal Technology Stack

The past two years have given us a lot to consider. The path forward for insurance brokerages, agencies, and carriers will require digital awareness, strategy, and the right combination of tools. These tools will aid insurance professionals in the quest to meet consumer marketplace expectations, improve their experience experience, and earn and retain their business.

Why and How to Use Mailchimp in WordPress

Sending bulk messages to your subscribers to promote your business in the hope that they'll reciprocate is often far from enough. A successful email marketing campaign requires an analytical and creative approach coupled with excellent software tools to effectively manage mailing strategy, design, deliverability, automation, and other aspects. There are lots of email marketing services out there that can help you grow your business and reach your audience in a productive way. In this article, we'll look at Mailchimp, one of the most popular and cost-effective email-related services, with over 10 million clients, including TED and Vimeo. We’ll discuss why it adds value to your WordPress website and how to use it on WP.

How Can Contextual Property Management Marketing Help To Convert More Leads?

Contextual property management marketing is an approach to managing content, agreements, resident documents, and the appropriate context. It streamlines managing all the content and documents in one location. Marketing automation like Best Property Management Software instantly allows records, upgrades content, and ultimately gets a firm grip on document version control.

What Should Feature in the MarTech Stack of B2B Content Marketers?

Being a successful digital marketer necessitates having the appropriate martech tools as part of your toolbox. Digital marketers need solutions that automate procedures to save time and money, assuring a solid return on marketing investment. There are a lot of tools to pick from when developing your Martech stack, from email marketing and CRM applications to analytics and project management.

The best organic marketing strategies for small business

Getting a foundation in small business marketing, The basics of organic marketing, Website content marketing strategies, Social media organic content marketing strategies, Email and newsletter organic content marketing strategies

ActiveCampaign Helps Customers Kick off the New Year with Additional Growth Accelerator Apps

Kicking off the new year, ActiveCampaign, the leader in customer experience automation (CXA), celebrates the addition of several new Growth Accelerator Apps. These new apps promise to help ActiveCampaign customers better automate events, surveys, data storage, direct mail and more.