Established Email Marketing Company, Site Impact, Appoints First Female President

Because my company hand-builds links at relatively large scale and always looks for ways to go bigger, we continually test our link-building processes and beliefs.

What is Tactile Marketing Automation? Definition, Best Practices, Real-World Examples

This article reveals what exactly Tactile Marketing Automation is and does, and how to leverage it for more effective multichannel marketing.

COVID-19: Emailing Best Practices in Times of Crisis

brands around the world are actively contacting customers and partners to keep them informed and reassured. As you may have noticed in your own inboxes over the last few days, email is being used by brands to carry out these communications on a massive scale.

What Is Email Automation? Definition, Benchmarks, Marketing Best Practices with Examples

Email automation is defined as a set of processes and technologies used to send promotional/transactional emails automatically to customers. It uses preconfigured business rules to trigger communication, helping you dramatically cut downtime and effort spent reaching a large audience.