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What Is Acquisition Email Marketing in 2023?

Email, after all, remains a trusted channel for consumers. And, especially now with brand spend budgets stretched thin, acquisition email marketing deserves a second chance.

Future Trends in B2B Email Deliverability (Chapter 2)

Email is still a strong tool for B2B (business-to-business) contact and lead creation in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. But the conquest of email marketing depends on one very important thing: delivery. Email delivery is more than just another one of the many email marketing trends we follow. It’s what determines the success of your campaign.

Best Practices for Email Marketing To Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Email marketing is the use of email to connect with customers, build relationships with them, and ultimately increase sales.

Email Marketing Deliverability Best Practices

In this article, we’ll introduce email marketing deliverability best practices for improving your deliverability or marketing emails.

Email Subject Lines: Ultimate Guide of Examples and Ideas

While open rates are increasingly low, the spam rates are dangerously high. Almost 70% of recipients mark emails as spam based solely on the subject line. It’s an important aspect of any email newsletter; that’s why we’ve collected the best and most effective subject line examples. You can use these to generate your own email subjects.

HMC CDO’s 10 Practices to Address Digital Marketing Challenges

HSMAI hosted a Chief Digital Officers from hotel management companies during a recent Executive Roundtable. Drawing insights from these industry leaders, this article highlights ten best practices that can help organizations effectively navigate these challenges.

Campaignfeed: The Must-Have Email Marketing Resource for Every Marketer and Agency

Campaignfeed, the number 1 newsletter library, is helping marketers level up their email marketing by providing a one-stop platform for newsletter ideas, competitor insights, and email campaign best practices from over 45000 leading brands.

What Is Acquisition Email Marketing in 2023?

Acquisition Email Marketing Best Practices

Best Practices for Email Marketing To Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Email marketing is the use of email to connect with customers, build relationships with them, and ultimately increase sales.

Optimizing Content for Email Deliverability: A Comprehensive Guide

In this detailed guide, we will go over the strategies and best practices for improving the content to ensure the highest B2B email deliverability rate.

ZINFI Releases Complimentary Best Practices Guide on Digital Marketing Strategy for SaaS Leaders

ZINFI Technologies, Inc., a company leading the definition and creation of Unified Partner Management (UPM) solutions, today announced the release of its latest complimentary guidebook, Digital Marketing Strategy for SaaS Leaders, which provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to achieving effective lead generation while keeping expenses under $1,000 per month. This best practices guidebook empowers leaders of software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies with essential practical strategies to compete with industry giants and build a strong online presence.

4 email A/B testing best practices and an inbound conference video

A/B testing can help marketers improve email campaigns one variable at a time. Best practices include designing the right test, starting with the sender's name and using AI tools.

15 Email Security Best Practices to Consider in 2023

Every enterprise has its own endpoint security strategy. This strategy should include email security as a focal point. The editors at Solutions Review look at some email security best practices worth considering in your enterprise’s current strategy.

How Email Communication Drives Progress for Businesses

In this article, we’ll turn to email communication, demonstrating the different ways that it helps to drive success in the world of business.

How to Create Email Newsletters With HTML: Best Design Practices

Using HTML to create newsletters unlocks unlimited design possibilities, allowing you to build aesthetically pleasing web pages. To this end, we’ll dive into some of the best practices for creating an email using HTML.

Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr. Samarth Saxena, Chief Business Officer at Sinch India

Email has been around for over four decades; it has evolved by introducing interactive features like Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, launched in 2015. AMP emails can include transactional features like booking appointments, purchasing, or completing other actions without leaving the email environment. With AMP emails, recipients don’t need to switch between different apps or platforms to complete activities, providing a seamless and convenient user experience.

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