9 Lead Nurturing Strategies That Work (+ The Best Marketing Tools That Help)

You want to let them know you noticed they stopped by. You want to let them know that you want to help them — and that even if they’re only looking for information right now, you’ll happily provide them with helpful tips and tricks to make their lives easier. Therein enters lead nurturing.

Iterable Launches Its Global Event Series Activate 2022

Virtual and in-person events will focus on how to make marketing moments that last

5 steps to launching a successful email marketing campaign

To triumph with this digital marketing strategy, you’ll need to stand out by eclipsing the competing brand communications in your contact’s inbox. Here are five best practices for breaking through the clutter and kickstarting a profitable email marketing campaign.

17 Digital Marketing Terms Everyone Should Know

Social media, email, adtech—digital marketing hits across a wide array of disciplines. With that in mind, here are a few terms that all association pros should be aware of.

Holiday Email Marketing Best Practices

The holiday season is the most special time of the year and a huge opportunity for publishers to shine. To have a successful holiday email marketing strategy you need to focus on meeting your audience’s needs and expectations, not only to sell your products. There is no surprise that with the widespread popularity and indisputable benefits of email marketing, the return on investment is massive.

Your Local Marketing Guide: Reach Customers in Your Area

The good news is that local marketing is pretty straightforward. You just need to know which marketing channels and strategies have the greatest impact on the relevant customers. Local marketing is about reaching a specific community within a particular area. The main idea is that your campaigns are limited to a physical radius. You’re not trying to reach huge global audiences with local marketing. Instead, your goal is to make your campaigns visible only to a well-defined target group.

Best Practices for Naming UTM Tags for Reporting

The more data you put in the hands of a marketer, the more informed and strategic their decisions become. Although most of us feel comfortable reporting and understanding referral sources for our campaigns, we’re often not able to go as deep as we like in understanding what exactly is driving traffic to our site. That’s where urchin tracking module (UTM) tags become an essential tool in a marketer’s arsenal to ensure we’re able to report at a deeper level.

Overwhelmed by digital marketing? The local experts at Castnet can help

The internet has completely changed our daily lives. The ways we communicate and interact with people, companies and brands are done right at our fingertips. With so many people accessible in this digital landscape, business owners must identify ways to reach these consumers. Luckily, with digital marketing, you can.

Useful Startup Tools And Resources to Grow Your Business

It's tough to know where to even begin when you're starting out trying to grow your business. Luckily, several excellent resources and tools are available to help you get started. In this article, we'll discuss some of the most useful ones.

Lead Nurturing Best Practices for B2B Marketers

Many B2B marketers believe that they are stuck in a rut with respect to finding new ways to improve lead quality and their lead generation program. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your online ad campaigns work better and having relevant leads roll into your company pipeline. To help you, here are a few top lead nurturing practices that can help your marketing team with their leads and turn them into fruitful business.


There’s a reason that 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers. Email marketing is a valuable tool for photographers to promote their work to potential and existing clients. Virtually every person on the internet has an email address, and email marketing is an effective way to send messages directly to customers and gain prospective clients by reaching an already engaged audience.