Top 10 best Email Marketing Metrics

Among today’s best marketing strategies is email marketing. Nevertheless, to ace the final field of success, best practices need to be followed. You should use your time to create campaigns, fix mistakes that rookies make, and optimize emails for better engagement if you are willing to donate your time to practice for good.

AI-Powered Personalization and Delivery Increased Email Reach By 35% In 2021

Netcore Cloud, a profitable SaaS company and global leader in customer communication, engagement, and retention, today announced the release of its Email Benchmark Report 2022. The report analyzes over 100 billion emails and showcases findings across 22 major industries, including BFSI, Retail & eCommerce, Beauty, Food, Entertainment, and Media. It covers the shifts in email marketing & benchmark metrics since the global pandemic and aims to help marketers strengthen their email strategy in 2022.

Welcome emails have best click-to-open and first purchase rates

E-mail campaigns triggered by price cut and back in stock notices resulted in first purchases from 25% of recipients, according to Bluecore’s 2022 Retail Benchmark Report. Abandoned cart notifications had a 23.9% success rate, with welcome emails succeeding 23.3%.

Benchmark Email Launches AI-Powered Suite of Tools

Smart Content is Benchmark Email’s AI-fueled copywriting technology that allows users to create professional content from scratch, or rewrite existing content, with a few simple inputs.

Digital Marketing: essential skills for your CV

Modern marketing is a very different world from that of just a few years ago, with digital strategies playing a significant role and traditional methods often becoming less relevant and less effective. This means that while certain skills associated with the field (such as creativity and communication), are certainly still important and applicable, there are a whole host of other, newer skills that employers are now looking for in their marketing hires.

Why Is Email Production So Hard? And What You Can Do About It

A better way. Results from the benchmark report show that CRM and email marketing budgets increased in priority from 2020 to 2021. Brands are putting a lot more faith and emphasis in email for the future, after realising its reach and growth potential for their business (and its ability to weather external factors). That provides more room for investment, but also gives email marketers the chance to shake up their current process and use some of that budget to help shape a much more efficient one that maximises the ROI potential of email. For every challenge presented by email production, there is a solution.The planning stage


To help you take ownership of your ROI reporting, let’s discuss the basics of how to calculate marketing ROI, key benchmarks for measuring performance, and the specific metrics used to measure return on marketing investment for different business models.