10 Smart Email Segmentation Ideas for Small Businesses

Learn from these smart email segmentation tips to drastically improve your email marketing campaign’s results. The Ascent outlines 10 smart email segmentation ideas. You know the stats, right? Marketing industry beacon Martech Advisor says email marketing has an impressive ROI of 42:1. But that's not even the best part. Add in email segmentation, and you not only improve open and click-through rates, but marketers have seen revenue bumps of up to 760%. And that’s why you’ll want to figure out the best email marketing segmentation strategy for your small business. By integrating email segmentation, you take your small business email marketing to greater heights.

72% of B2C Companies Don’t Have a Mover Marketing Strategy

When people move to a new place, marketers can leverage data and mover marketing strategies to succeed in their overall customer acquisition and retention strategies. But how well are B2C companies leveraging mover marketing strategies? A joint study by V12 and Ascend2 shines a light on it.

5 Insights Into the 9,932-Marketing Technology Landscape

Scott Brinker, author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, and fellow researcher Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe, released the latest martech landscape this month and reported 9,932 solutions. That represents a 24% growth from 2020, or 2,904 new solutions added to the landscape.

5 Truths About Inactive Email Subscribers

Should you email inactive subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked any of your promotional emails in a long time? That seemingly simple question is actually fraught with nuance and complexity. But it’s critical to have a clear answer because maintaining your email engagement levels is probably the biggest factor determining your email deliverability. Let’s decode that question by discussing five truths about inactive email subscribers.

One luxury brand's quest to generate demand through digital marketing and experience

Ahoy Club chief talks to CMO about its plans to scale customer acquisition through processes, people, systems and agency expertise

Amazon Marketing: Allocate Your Budget, Maximize ROI

Budget Planning in the Early Stages, Businesses in the Middle Stage - At this stage, your business transforms and gets brand identity. Now it’s time to drive more traffic and work on long-term strategies, For Developed Businesses - At this stage, businesses need to loop all the marketing activities into the system. I’m a believer in cross-channel marketing where you can attract customers at any stage of the journey. Businesses at this stage can decrease their marketing budget to 6-10% of the total revenue.

Marketers Want Their CDPs, Email and Web Content Tools, Survey Finds

“We weren’t surprised that marketers rated email marketing platforms and content management systems among the top three most heavily relied on solutions (36% and 32%, respectively)," Tamara Prewitt, senior director of product marketing at Oracle, told CMSWire. "These content creation, publishing and distribution workhorses have been the mainstay of the martech stack for many years."

6 Ways Marketers Are Using Interactive E-mail To Win More Conversions

Do you use email marketing to engage with your customers? Are you getting the open rates, response rates, and conversions you expected? If you remember the emails you received when you created your first email address, you might have noticed that those older emails weren’t much different from the emails you receive today. While the internet has evolved from static web pages to interactive experiences, email has not. This is where you can gain a competitive edge. If you relate to any of the challenges below, we’ll show you how to pivot and beat your competitors with interactive emails.

Mailchimp For B2b Marketing?

Mailchimp can certainly be called one of B2B marketing automation’s leading tools. Although Mailchimp has tried to stay out of controversy regarding its strategic focus on developing e-commerce solutions. E-commerce platforms for B2C and e-commerce are optimized with this technology.

Pinterest For B2b Marketing?

Sites that use Pinterest for B2B marketing gain visitors, generate leads, and boost awareness of their business. Pinterest made the 2011 list of top 50 websites published by Time Magazine. With already being one of the top ten social networks, it bests the likes of LinkedIn and Google+.

New Data Reveals Amid High Inflation, Consumers Want to Support Small Businesses

According to new data released today from ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), 56% of consumers are prioritizing making purchases from small businesses amid high inflation trends. This is after only 4% of consumers reported not experiencing inflation, and 28% reported noticing prices climbing faster among small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—vs. 20% among larger brands and 49% across all companies. Still, consumers want to support SMBs given the many obstacles they are facing every single day. In fact, 30% of consumers said they want to support small businesses over big brands because they know they have more struggles and less resources.

How To Create Modern Marketing Funnel By Kritika Chaturvedi

A marketing funnel– is a roadmap laid out by a company to guide potential customers from their first interaction with the brand to becoming a paying customers.Your marketing funnel provides more value to your marketing strategy when you understand your customers—then you can make informed decisions to improve the customer experience as they move through the funnel. Why are marketing funnels important? You cannot downplay the importance of using a marketing funnel. In the end, it can change the game for your business. Here are several ways a marketing funnel can assist you in:

A Complete Guide for Automation Software

Marketing automation is a major requirement for today’s marketers. It’s quickly becoming a must-have tool for commercial organizations that want to improve customer satisfaction, increase return on investment, and work more efficiently. Competitive firms—those that wish to enhance client happiness, optimize ROI and work more productively — recognize the need for marketing automation.

B2b Marketing Email Examples?

Consequently, B2B marketers may find themselves increasingly inclined to use modern communication platforms to communicate with customers. Among all the tools available for marketing, email marketing holds a long history.

40+ B2B Marketing Statistics 2022: SEO Trends, Growth and Facts

In this article, we have listed some of the most important B2B marketing statistics from different sectors like content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, lead generation, automation, web design, etc.

The Essential Guide to B2B Email Marketing

Top 7 B2B email marketing strategies to try

Key Digital Marketing Statistics to Support Creative Advertising Strategies in 2022

Digital Marketing Statistics: The space of digital content marketing keeps changing frequently. Things that are essential today might not be potent enough in the future. Marketing professionals need to be updated with the latest statistics on content marketing, search engine optimization or paid promotion to meet customers’ demands and offer a personalized consumer experience. Here we have come up with the latest digital marketing statistics that will show how huge the digital marketing space has become in the past few years.

My Favorite Ecommerce KPIs

I’ve worked in ecommerce since 2006, managing small and large B2C and B2B companies in various industries. I’ve relied on key performance indicators in my journey to keep those businesses on track. What follows are the KPIs I use in my current role overseeing ecommerce for a U.S.-based lighting retailer.

Force24 Unveils Trio of Releases To Help Upskill 6,000 UK Marketers

Marketing automation specialist Force24 has launched three new key features – with more set to be unveiled soon – to help thousands of marketers send hyper-personalised email communications to customers.

How to drive email innovation with programmatic coverage

With so many customer touchpoints, email marketers need automated solutions to meet their needs.