Pathwire expert on finding the best path to email engagement in 2021

With email still the number one preferred method for all types of brand communication, Will Conway, CEO, Pathwire, tells Intelligent CIO how a new study provides an insight into the best ways email can help brands stay in touch with customers throughout a period of unprecedented uncertainty.

Email Marketing Continues to Outperform. Are Your Strategies Optimized?

Email marketing continues to be a top performing channel for marketers. Year after year, email outperforms other marketing channels in terms of ROI, customer acquisition and retention. Take a look at some of these recently published statistics in our recent blog post.

Approaching Digital Transformation With a Marketing Mindset

Digital transformation efforts are often siloed in IT departments, but marketers should play a critical role in their companies' moves toward digital maturity.

Approaching Email Marketing

Here are a few key areas for email marketers

Creating a B2B lead generation strategy in the Covid economy

With the long-term shift to digital business environment B2B businesses can drive their lead generation strategies by rethinking their approach and focusing on the following aspects:

How Technology Changed the Way of Marketing

here are the top ways in which developing technology has changed the way of marketing.

Why Is Investing In An Email Marketing Database A Good Idea?

Everyone in the 3.9 billion base of email users is not your customer, but using email marketing with an ideal approach will give you a competitive advantage in your business, which makes email marketing special, unique, and more beneficial.

Digital Marketing Ideas For Industrial Distributors

As major corporations reshore and bring manufacturing work back to the U.S., industrial distributors are moving to create more value by building on commercial and operational excellence and digitizing to create omnichannel experiences customers are looking for.

3 Tricks for Getting More Email Clicks

agents and brokers feel largely optimistic