Email Marketing Software Market Report Survey 2021 with Top Countries Data Industry Size, Share, Business Growth, Revenue, Trends , With Covid 19 Analysis

The global email marketing software market size is predicted to reach USD 2,275.5 million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 10.5% during the forecast period.

B2B Lead Generation: The What, Why, and How

Generating leads isn’t just a priority for small businesses and startups anymore. Corporations and larger businesses need to keep up with growth and profitability targets by bringing in new customers with the increasing competition from smaller rivals. A good lead generation engine can deliver outsized results and set the business to grow for several years. The good news is with the rise of digital marketing channels and distribution, there are now more ways to generate leads. So how do you start generating leads for your business? Let’s first explore what lead generation is all about.

Email marketing has potential ROI of $42 for every dollar spent

Among the MVPs of marketing, email remains one of the best ways to communicate with customers

82% of B2B Marketers Cite Social Media as Top Growing Channel

“This year, CMOs were challenged with budget cuts and the inability to forecast a changing situation from one day to the next,” wrote the authors of the report. “As one of the most cost-effective and flexible ways to engage customers and prospects, social media flew to the top of the list of B2B marketing initiatives as a result.”

Bizzabo Expands Leadership Team with Industry Experts as Demand for Events Grows

The world's leading event success platform adds five tenured event leaders as it continues to invest in industry-leading customer experiences.

How Does B2B Automation Marketing Improve Campaigns?

Marketers are always on the lookout for tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts more productive. B2B automation marketing as a phenomenon is fast pacing itself to popularity. It is a highly valuable tool to generate leads, nurture and gain new customers. HubSpot in a survey found out that 76% of the businesses in 2021 report using automation in one way or the other.

How to improve your newsletter open rate: Marketers share their insights

We investigate how journalists and marketers can improve news newsletter open rates as part of a new series of how-to articles produced in association with Lead Monitor, New Statesman Media Group’s marketing solution.

8 Key Digital Marketing Metrics

Marketing campaign metrics, also known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), are vital for monitoring and planning marketing initiatives and seeing how we might optimize them for best results. They form a sound base of knowledge by which marketers B2B business owners can formulate and implement all their business decisions.

Referral Marketing: The Most Powerful Form of Advertising

Which marketing strategy do you think brings the most returns on investment? Is it PPC ads? Or Email Campaigns? Or maybe Inbound Marketing? Well, the real answer to this question could depend on the type of campaign you are running, but referrals are almost always going to be somewhere on the top of the list. Yes, referrals are probably the most overlooked strategy that can bring the most valuable leads to your business and doesn’t require you to spend tons of money, unlike other forms of marketing.

What is account-based marketing or ABM and why are B2B marketers so bullish on it?

Interest is surging as technologies to target key account improves and relevant data becomes more accessible.

E-Mail Marketing For B2c: Proven Rules And Examples

Even though we have numerous marketing networks these days, we cannot rule out the importance of B2C marketing.

Five must-have B2B lead generation strategies to dominate

In a market economy with ferocious competition amongst business firms, recognising the significance of potential customers and coming up with long-standing strategies to take care of this segment has been a measure for most successful B2B businesses.

Running a Small Online Business? Tips for Digital Marketing You Must Know

The concern of every small business is to get more customers, sales, and grow. While some companies successfully rely on the traditional advertisement methods, today, businesses cannot ignore the impact of digital marketing on their business growth. Here are tips for digital marketing that every small business owner must know.

CRM for Small Businesses – 5 Best Softwares Available in the Market

If you’re a B2B small business with lean finances and are worried about parting with money to get a CRM tool that serves your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best free CRM software that can give you the benefits you’re looking for. Stick around to find out.

How To Make Sure Your Company Newsletter Gets Read

If your newsletter fails to deliver real value or only serves to annoy your customers, you can lose your credibility. But when done right, and when published at the right frequency, it can open new doors for your business. In this article, I’ll go over exactly how to strike that careful balance, as well as why you should.

Ask Your Pr Firm To Dig Deeper To Achieve Meaningful Results

Here are three ways you should leverage your PR firm to supercharge marketing results.

Why Automated Email Marketing Is an Essential Tool for Small-Business Owners

Email marketing is the best way to reach customers and get sales. Here's why.

How Great Is The Idea Of Buying Email Lists in 2022?

An adequately targeted email list may come up with a good number of interested buyers. Thus, a potential customer will get aware of your quirky business solutions. We should understand the need to buy an email list before we hurry. Let’s find out how buying Email lists could prove beneficial for business and growth.

How to execute customized ABM campaigns

Use your full range of marketing tools to develop account-specific engagement that supports your sales team.

Oracle Fuses Together A CDP And CRM For A Lead-Gen Tool

Oracle launched a prospecting and lead-scoring product called Fusion Marketing on Monday, as the company tries to reframe the value of the CRM in a world gone crazy for the CDP.