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Japan’s Ayudante Acquires Digital Marketing Company Sparkline

Japan’s Ayudante Acquires Digital Marketing Company Sparkline

Post Purchase Emails: 9 Examples and Tips For Your Business

This guide will dive deep into post-purchase emails, explore why they’re so crucial, share real-life email marketing examples to inspire your next campaign, and provide actionable tips for crafting emails that keep your customers coming back for more.

Data Drop: 4 Charts on AI-Driven Email Automation

How AI Is Transforming Email Campaigns

Birdseye Adds New Features to its AI-Powered Email Marketing Platform to Automate and Enable Faster, More Profitable Retail Inventory Liquidation

Birdseye is an AI-powered, autonomous email marketing platform that provides a highly targeted approach to liquidating retail inventory. It uses AI to match shoppers to products based on their product preferences like size and color, willingness to pay, and other relevant attributes. After pinpointing the exact customer, Birdseye automatically delivers marketing campaigns only to those likely to be interested in the products. This approach enables retailers to provide engaging and personalized shopping experiences and offers that resonate and, most importantly, convert. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Features You Should Know About

Email is one of the oldest and most essential digital marketing tools in a company’s arsenal, and its reputation is well-earned. Email marketing allows companies to create a customizable experience that appeals to a broad audience of consumers and empowers them to create automated campaigns that nurture target audiences down the sales funnel with personalized messaging.

16 digital marketing platforms to check out in 2024

With thousands of apps on the market, knowing which marketing platform best suits your brand’s unique needs can be challenging. This article will break everything down for you, from explaining what a digital marketing platform is and its benefits to offering top digital marketing platform recommendations.

Collabra Technology's Digital Marketing Platform Now Inside MLSListings

MLSListings subscribers now have access to the AdBuilder™ digital advertising solution and the SphereBuilder™ marketing automation and analytics platform

AI Automated Email Writing

How AI Is Transforming Email Campaigns

9 Top Email Marketing Trends (2024 & 2025)

Whether email marketing is a proven channel for your business, or if you're just getting started with it, these are the top trends to follow.

Pinterest launches AI ad tools

Pinterest is rolling out new AI-powered ad tools and measurement partnerships to drive better performance and brand safety for advertisers.

BulkResponse.com Revolutionizes Email Marketing with Cutting-Edge Solutions

BulkResponse.com, a leading provider of advanced email marketing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest suite of tools designed to help businesses maximize their marketing efforts and achieve unparalleled success.

Adobe’s New Aep AI Assistant Is Here To Help Brands Master Customer Data Outreach

So today, Adobe is launching arguably the biggest update to the AEP since the tool first went generally available: the AEP AI Assistant, which is essentially a gen AI chatbot hooked up to the AEP and an enterprise’s storehouse of advertising and customer data, brand assets, content collateral (at their direction).

Litmus Empowers Marketers to Make Every Send Count™ with 24/7 Link Monitoring

Litmus, a leader in email marketing, announces the launch of Link Monitoring in Litmus Email Guardian, the only solution that proactively monitors emails for unexpected changes and now, broken links. As email volume rises, this new feature detects potential issues before they negatively impact subscriber experiences. With 86% of customers abandoning a trusted brand after just two poor experiences, broken links are more than just an inconvenience. Link Monitoring is essential for marketers to create consistent, high-quality email interactions that build trust, boost loyalty, and drive revenue.

Logie's AI to Power Prime Day Influencer Campaigns: New Tools for Brand-Influencer Synergy

Logie today announced a suite of new AI tools poised to transform brand-influencer partnerships just in time for Amazon Prime Day. With tiered packages to support eCommerce brands of all sizes, Logie's advanced AI technology and transaction automation shape the future of technology-enabled social marketing relationships.

The Biggest Shifts in Email Marketing Trends for 2024 [with on-demand webinar]

These have influenced email marketing priorities and are shaping the trends that will dominate 2024. We can see those shifts in the results of our fifth-annual Email Marketing Trends Survey, where we asked some of Oracle Digital Experience Agency’s hundreds of digital marketing experts to rate the current adoption of a range of email marketing technologies and tactics, as well as predict the impact each of them will have in 2024. We then mapped the results into adoption-impact quadrants.


Acquire is VMG’s bespoke performance marketing solution that is white labelled and fully integrated within a residential agent’s digital ecosystem to automate vendor campaigns, agent branding campaigns, property management and even recruitment campaigns.

5 Great AI Email Generators For Personal And Professional Use

Here is a look at what AI software for email can really do, and list some of the major products on the market.

10 search marketing takeaways from digital marketing leader Aaron Levy at SMX Advanced

Here are some highlights of his keynote talk, which included a look back at what the search marketing industry has been through, how the new wave of AI change is nothing new and his bet on the fact that search isn’t going away anytime soon.

How To Improve Your Email Conversion Rate

Your marketing email conversion rate is the percentage of recipients who follow a call to action after opening your message. Learn how to optimize conversions.

Google Ad Updates from Marketing Live 2024

Marketing Live is Google’s annual conference to announce new advertising features. This year’s event, on May 21, emphasized AI initiatives. Many changes — from Performance Max to Search — apply to ecommerce companies. Google announced over 30 updates. In this post, I’ll review the 10 most impactful to merchants.

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