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Gmail Revolutionized Email 20 Years Ago

It was Gmail, a free service boasting 1 gigabyte of storage per account, an amount that sounds almost pedestrian in an age of one-terabyte iPhones. But it sounded like a preposterous amount of email capacity back then, enough to store about 13,500 emails before running out of space, compared to just 30 to 60 emails in the then-leading webmail services run by Yahoo and Microsoft. That translated into 250 to 500 times more email storage space.

Email Marketing Tactics That Work - Do this not that Jay Schwedelson Podcast

In this article, we’ll explore the latest email marketing best practices based on 6 billion emails sent annually.

iPhone 16: news, rumored price, release date, and more

We’re a few months removed from the launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, so you know what that means: iPhone 16 rumors are in full force. Talk is heating up about everything from design leaks and rumored specs to camera changes and more. We’re expecting some bigger changes with the iPhone 16 than we got with the iPhone 15, so we’ve rounded up all the major rumors and reports here for you. Let’s dig in.

Microsoft will limit Exchange Online bulk emails to fight spam

Microsoft has announced plans to fight spam by imposing a daily Exchange Online bulk email limit of 2,000 external recipients starting January 2025.

Email security vendor Ironscales to expand in UK and Ireland with Infinigate partnership

Building on the existing partnership in Europe, Ironscales has announced a new deal with Infinigate across U&I

Emailable Welcomes Sam McNeil as Head of Email Deliverability

MIAMI, February 29, 2024 (Newswire.com) - Emailable is strengthening its commitment to excellence by announcing Sam McNeil as Head of Deliverability. He will be leading the new Deliverability division, focused on helping businesses stay on top of the constant updates from the world’s largest email providers.

AI Email Copilot Built by MIT Alumni, BCG, Kraken: AI Solutions for Email Management and Data Security in Workplaces

MailMaestro, officially launches on Gmail—advanced solutions for AI email management with enterprise-grade security and affordability.

Meta’s ChatGPT killer is taking over your favorite apps

The AI hype is in full swing right now, transcending form factor boundaries with mixed success. But for the most part, the situation has been a pricey endeavor for users willing to tap into its full potential. Earlier today, Meta AI made its grand debut, drawing power from the Llama 3 model. It’s free (for now) and it could well be one of the first truly mass-market AI products.

Beefree acquires Really Good Emails, bridging the gap between inspiration and email creation

Beefree, a leader in no-code email creation tools, is excited to announce the acquisition of Really Good Emails (RGE). The acquisition will shorten the distance between email inspiration and creation, enrich the collection of inspiring email designs available at reallygoodemails.com, and broaden Beefree's support for the email community.

Littledata’s Enhanced Identity Resolution is a Boost for Klaviyo

Littledata now integrates with Klaviyo (NYSE: KVYO) for enhanced identity resolution, boosts Klaviyo Attributed Value (KAV), and optimizes email/SMS marketing.

Proton email app is out of beta and available for Windows and macOS

The Proton desktop email application has left beta and is now available to all paid users on Windows and macOS. At the same time, Proton is also releasing a beta version of the app for Linux.

A Marketer’s Guide To Generative AI Startups

Marketers know all about hype. And generative AI is in the middle of a feeding frenzy.

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