How Apple’s Mail Privacy Changes Impact Email Marketing

Read on for a breakdown of Apple’s upcoming privacy changes, how Mail Privacy Protection affects email marketing, what’s not changing about email, and some simple steps you can take to make sure your emails continue to drive valuable results.

How Investing In Consumer Data Will Make Companies Better Marketers

These are exciting times. It’s rare to get the chance to reinvent the system for the better. More changes are coming. Users will own and eventually be able to monetize their data. That journey, already underway.

How Email Marketing Will Adapt To A Change In Privacy Settings

Focusing your attention and optimization efforts on more valuable performance metrics will help you enhance the value of your email program and should contribute even more to a company’s bottom line.

Good riddance, open rate: How Apple’s change will make you a better email marketer

Kath Pay explains the four steps you should take to update your email strategy.

Apple’s iOS 15 Could Improve Email Marketing

When it’s released this fall, Apple’s iOS 15 could make capturing some email marketing metrics more difficult, which might improve performance.

If you want to work in music, this Music Marketing Master Class Bundle has the answers you need

understand marketing funnels, and even use tactics like email marketing to help turn your artist into a household name. Spotify, Apple Music, Streaming gets users familiar with the streaming world, unlocking how platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple TIDAL, and others work, as well as how to pitch music to online music blogs, playlists, and radio stations.

Hey Advertisers: Here’s What Tracking Looks Like in a Post-Cookie World

The main issue on most marketers’ minds this year is data privacy, not only because of changing legislation like the CCPA, but also because of Big Tech’s changing policies — mainly Apple’s App Tracking policy, and, of course, the end of third-party cookies on Chrome. What’s more, antitrust activity against Big Tech is heating up. A Big Tech breakup resulting in an independent YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp would change the targeting landscape entirely.

Apple is turning privacy into a business advantage, not just a marketing slogan

Apple unveiled new versions of its operating systems on Monday which showed that the company’s focus on privacy has taken a new turn. It’s not just a corporate ideal or a marketing point anymore. It’s now a major initiative across Apple distinguishing its products from Android and Windows competition.

Metrics That Will Matter in Email Beyond 2021

Email marketing has been one of the most effective digital marketing channels for decades (over 43 years in all) and over that time it has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of users, developments in technology, and various regulations around the world that impact marketers. With such a strong track record of adapting and thriving amidst changing conditions, email marketers are typically quite optimistic and focused on growing and optimizing their programs over time.

The Death Of Email Marketing As We Know It Is Coming This Fall

Don’t despair. Email marketing is not going away.

iPhones get better video calls, paid privacy protection and virtual driver’s licenses in iOS 15

Here’s what Apple previewed that most caught our eyes: