7 Reasons Why Marketing Emails Fail

Underperforming marketing emails are often an indicator of overall program deterioration. Reductions in clicks, conversions, and revenue are typically symptoms of a larger problem. In this post, I’ll address seven causes of poor email performance and how to fix them.

Travel Advisors Talk Problems—and Solutions—at TMP West 2022

During a session at this week’s Travel Market Place West Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Ron Cates, the digital marketing guru, ran the 200 advisors in attendance through a group exercise to find solutions to the problems that have plagued them over the past two years. There are problems that the pandemic caused, but there are also common problems that advisors had to deal with even prior to COVID-19 entering the world’s vocabulary. One that Cates pointed out, which was a problem both inside and outside of the travel industry, was branding and learning why people make their buying decisions.

5 Truths About Inactive Email Subscribers

Should you email inactive subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked any of your promotional emails in a long time? That seemingly simple question is actually fraught with nuance and complexity. But it’s critical to have a clear answer because maintaining your email engagement levels is probably the biggest factor determining your email deliverability. Let’s decode that question by discussing five truths about inactive email subscribers.

What Brands Need To Know About Hashed Emails, Mobile IDs and IP Addresses

MediaWallah recently published research that looks at the relative stability and uniqueness of these three major identifiers being collected for use in digital advertising and marketing to see how they are changing, how they compare, and what brands need to know as they further their first party data efforts.

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing 101: How to Get Started

Direct-to-consumer marketing (D2C) is a marketing method where a company markets and sells products and services directly to end consumers, eliminating the need for middlemen.

How to decide if you need an enterprise email marketing platform

Here are some questions to ask to determine if your organization can benefit from this software adoption.

Apple says it’s time your business ran BIMI

This fall, Apple will introduce a new Mail feature to protect brand identity, boost open rates, and protect against phishing attacks. Apple will add another obstacle against successful phishing attacks in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, will show a company’s official logo to help recipients recognize genuine from fake emails.

Can You Have Your Privacy-Personalization Cake and Eat it, Too?

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