Why Are Marketing Email Open Rates Increasing?

Open rates on marketing emails rose over the past four weeks as companies lean toward email to connect with customers, a report from HubSpot found.

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A look at the conclusions from “Market Trends 2020,” a new report from Chief Outsiders, a network of top CMOs.


Email is preferred channel choice for 45.3% of digital marketers in UK during COVID-19 lockdown

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The Old Reliable: Study Shows Email Still Ranks High In Marketing Use

Email marketing has seen an 11% increase in usage from 2018 to 2020, and now is employed by 82% of brands, according to The State Of Marketing, Sixth Edition, a study by Salesforce.

Two Years Later: How Has GDPR Affected Your Marketing?

It is possible to have client privacy coexist with powerful digital marketing systems.

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Here are a few steps that businesses can look forward to in such uncertain times.

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