5 High-Impact Marketing Tactics To Drive Sales For Your Software Company

With the exponential growth of software, technology, and internet companies in the Indian startup landscape, how you market your new solution is crucial to its success

How To Do Competitor Analysis and Improve Your Digital Marketing

Unfortunately, many business owners tend to start competitor analysis when trying to develop a new marketing strategy but fail to review it from time to time and determine what else can improve visibility and performance. Therefore, we suggest you learn how to actively conduct competitive analysis and improve your digital marketing strategy from scratch. Here’s what you can do:

Opening Up the Email Marketing Engine to Artificial Intelligence

Email. No matter how much people talk about the move away from email and into more real-time communication channels, email’s here to stay. About 35% of marketers choose to send three-to-five emails per week to their customers, according to a HubSpot report. Some of you send more. Admit it.

How Investing In Consumer Data Will Make Companies Better Marketers

These are exciting times. It’s rare to get the chance to reinvent the system for the better. More changes are coming. Users will own and eventually be able to monetize their data. That journey, already underway.

How to look like a pro: 5 marketing strategies for new agents

Worried about coming across as a rookie? Here's how to use your marketing and messaging to redirect your audience away from your lack of experience and prove your value.

Why do you Need Better Buyer Intent Data to Drive your Marketing Strategies?

In today’s data driven marketing and sales environment, it is not enough to just map your prospects behavior. Enriched insights from buyer intent data are now becoming a necessity to not only identify more about prospects but to gauge more on user’s current and potential buying behavior while also helping to identify potential best-fit prospects and customers.

Tips for Using Data to Elevate Sales and Marketing Efforts

So, how can data be used more effectively in your marketing efforts? In what ways can data analysis elevate experiences? Below, we discuss why data matters, common data challenges marketers face and ways you can use data to improve marketing and sales efforts.

Why Every E-Commerce Brand Needs to Be All-In on Email Marketing

Email isn’t going anywhere, and while SMS marketing may be experiencing industry-high open rates, specifically in the e-commerce industry, email cannot be ignored. Here is why brands need to be all-in on email marketing.

Apple is turning privacy into a business advantage, not just a marketing slogan

Apple unveiled new versions of its operating systems on Monday which showed that the company’s focus on privacy has taken a new turn. It’s not just a corporate ideal or a marketing point anymore. It’s now a major initiative across Apple distinguishing its products from Android and Windows competition.

The Basics of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the tried-and-true strategy of sending emails to engage with your business’s prospects and customers.

Global Marketing Analytics Market Report 2021 Featuring market Leaders - Adobe, IBM., Microsoft., SAS Institute, Teradata, and Wipro

In this report, the market has been segmented based on deployment type, organization size, application, end-use industry and geography. The report provides an overview of the global market for marketing analytics and analyses market trends. Using 2020 as the base year, the report provides estimated market data for the forecast period 2021 through 2026.

3 Simple Tactics to Boost Your B2B Newsletter Results

While B2B newsletters typically get less engagement than business-to-consumer (B2C) emails, they’re still a tremendous way to nurture your audience and boost your brand awareness.

Is Automation the Key to Running a Business Profitably?

Top 4 Business Process to Automate Today

10 Online Marketing Tips to Gather and Convert More Leads

All small business owners want to make more sales. Luckily, there are tons of online marketing channels to help you accomplish that goal. From email to social media ads, these tips from the online small business community can help you gather and convert more leads online.

How are Marketing Developers Using Digital Tools to Meet Their Needs?

Here, in this article, we have rounded up a list of some of the best digital marketing tools, which can help you materialize your marketing goals. A few of these tools are free, some are premium tools, and a few others are freemium. Let us now address these tools one by one and see how each one of them is helping marketers materialize their goals.

Top 6 Essential Software for Your Startup Business

If you are a startup business, you do not doubt that you have been looking for the essential software to help your company grow. Unfortunately, there are many different options out there, so it can be hard knowing what to choose and which tools will work best for your needs. This post highlights some of the most popular software packages available now and compiled in a perfect list. This blog post also has everything you need to know about choosing the right software package for your business!

Solutions Review’s Vendors to Know in Marketing Automation in 2021

The editors at Solutions Review continually research the most prominent and influential marketing automation software vendors to assist buyers in searching for the tools befitting their organization’s needs. Choosing the right vendor and solution can be a complicated process, though, as it requires constant market research and often comes down to more than technical capabilities. To help you keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, we’ve listed the vendors to know in the customer relationship management space.

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy,sometimes also known as an online marketing strategy,is a set of activities that combine traditional and online marketing techniques to improve company’s online presence and marketability.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Game-Changer for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing

Technology doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think.Here's how to use right.

What Marketers Should Know About Email API

Before we discuss how using email APIs help you send large bulk of emails, you must learn what they are first, how they’re usually used in email marketing, and the other benefits they can give you.