Is Your Email Marketing Process Built for Success?

Here are a few quick tips that can help B2B marketing and sales teams drive more output and success with their email marketing campaigns.

How to get more out of your email marketing with SafeOpt

Recover lost shoppers with verified offers, Make sure your emails are built for mobile first, The name of the game is “personalization”, Test, test and perfect, Make email marketing exciting again

Finding the Communication Sweet Spot

Did you know that estimates show the average consumer receives up to 10,000 marketing messages in a day? Oftentimes marketing messages are crucial to your business’s success, so you may be asking how to cut through all that noise? Hint, that’s not the question you should be asking. Once you have your list of customers or leads, you should be asking how to provide them with the most value and evaluate what strategies you can use to reach the right audience.

CartStack’s RezRecover Solution Leverages BEDS© and Conditional Content to Re-Engage Prospective Travelers and Recover Lost Bookings

CartStack, the leading eCommerce technology start-up behind RezRecover, which has set out to help hospitality and travel companies combat rampant booking abandonment rates, has unveiled its proprietary personalization feature: BEDS©. Developed specifically for hotels, BEDS© refers to the company’s unique tracking code, which can capture key information from abandoned booking data. Using RezRecover’s booking engine integration records data from visitors’ abandoned bookings, hotels can truly maximize the personalization they offer prospective guests, which helps to improve engagement and recover lost bookings.

10 More Common E-mail Marketing Mistakes – And Solutions

Email marketing is a complicated interplay of tactics and strategies, and it’s easy to make mistakes. All of these mistakes have solutions that are — while not simple — fairly easy to implement. While some of them require ongoing attention, like putting in quality assurance protections and doing A/B testing on your automations, many are front-loaded in terms of effort. All are very much worth the investment of time and resources and will help you create better email experiences for your subscribers.

MarTech Interview with Scott Leatherman, Chief Marketing Officer at Veritone

Scott Leatherman, Chief Marketing Officer at Veritone chats about the increasing impact of AI in marketing technology and what today’s marketers need to focus on to drive overall brand growth and ROI.

Email Marketing And Landing Pages: A Dynamic Duo For Conversions

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to use these two tools together effectively to increase engagement with your audience and improve conversions on your website.

'MageMontreal' Unveils Its Range of 'Migrate to Adobe Commerce' Services for E-Commerce Platforms

MageMontreal, the Canada-based certified e-commerce platform developer, has launched a suite of services designed to help retailers migrate their e-commerce platforms to Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento Enterprise). This new service provides e-commerce platforms with advanced and dynamic website designs and development solutions, in order to remove the burden of ever-increasing technical complexities. The firm ensures that migrating to Adobe Commerce will assist the businesses in handling their bulk volume of products, product-related data, as well as a large number of online shoppers simultaneously.

Impressive A/B Testing Statistics, For Businesses To Improve Their Marketing In The Future

A/B Testing Statistics: These days designing the right kind of website is the first step in the marketing strategy to promote businesses. However, at times slight tweaks in the layout of the website can attract more traffic. A/B testing is a user experience research methodology that tests and tries the process of two variations of a webpage layout that works the best for a specific business. It compares the user performances of two variations of a page and identifies which one has improved conversion rate optimization (CRO). Here are some vital A/B statistics that will prove that the new tool can help businesses reach the next level.

4 Ways Brands Can Prepare Their Email Marketing Program for BFCM

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are right around the corner, and many ecommerce brands are already planning for another uncertain year. Between inflation, increased marketing costs — especially paid ads — seasonal shipping costs surcharges and potential supply chain disruptions, finding every last opportunity to increase profits during the busiest time of the year is critical for brands. While email marketing continues to be a consistent high-performing channel, it doesn’t mean messages can’t be improved for a greater chance of conversion. Here are four data-backed ways to increase your email marketing performance this holiday season.

How to Win Guests and Influence Booking Behavior

Hotels can unlock 15-25% more revenue on each booking when they identify better strategies for communicating with and connecting with their guests

Should Marketers Use Conversational AI to Enable Better Online Journeys?

Conversational AI can enable eCommerce and retailer/e-tailer units to drive better customer experiences during the holiday rush. Brand marketers belonging to these segments need to strengthen their conversational AI experience to differentiate their customer journeys…

6 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

Businesses continue to bet heavily on email marketing for nurturing and converting their leads. According to a June 2020 survey by Ugam, 51% of marketers at major US and UK brands said that their email marketing spending increased, and just 16% of respondents reported a decrease. The only channels which saw higher response rates were chat features (56%) and mobile app functionality (55%).

6 tips to maximize your email marketing strategy this Black Friday

With email users reaching over 4 billion in 2020 and expected to reach 4.6 billion in 2025, it’s still one of the best ways to maintain a connection with customers and subscribers.

Sellzone Marketing Tool for Amazon Review

If you sell products through Amazon or an Amazon storefront, you will want to branch out from traditional SEO software and look at Amazon marketing tools, which target Amazon specifically. Among those tools, which admittedly are limited, is a new piece of Amazon marketing software, Sellzone, that promises to help increase sales, conversions, and make product research easier. In this Internet marketing tutorial, we will be reviewing Sellzone, looking at is pros and cons, and discussing its features for online store vendors.

5 Keys to Better Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automated messages based on a visitor’s interaction with website.