AI-Powered Personalization and Delivery Increased Email Reach By 35% In 2021

Netcore Cloud, a profitable SaaS company and global leader in customer communication, engagement, and retention, today announced the release of its Email Benchmark Report 2022. The report analyzes over 100 billion emails and showcases findings across 22 major industries, including BFSI, Retail & eCommerce, Beauty, Food, Entertainment, and Media. It covers the shifts in email marketing & benchmark metrics since the global pandemic and aims to help marketers strengthen their email strategy in 2022.

5 helpful marketing tools for startups

Here are five helpful marketing tools that will make it easier to get the word out about your brand – regularly, affordably and creatively.

The marketing mix of the digital age

4 Ps of Product, Price, Place and Promotion) are Purpose, Pride, Protection, Partnership, and Personalisation.

Can AI Marketing Transform Your Business?

In 2022, Statista published a report that said, "AI is expected to have wide adoption in and implications for every industry vertical and is likely to be one of the next great technological shifts, like the advent of the computer age or the smartphone revolution."

How Can Ai Help Improve Lead Generation ?

7 Ways AI Can Boost Your Lead Gen

5 Strategies Multifamily Marketers Can Borrow From Hospitality

From branding strategies to amazing amenities, multifamily can learn a lot from hotels and restaurants.

Data Quality vs. Data Observability; What’s the Difference?

Today, there are a handful of data quality solutions that focus on shortening the interval between the initial appearance of a data quality issue and its eventual resolution. This typically takes the form of a rules-based monitoring system that tracks live data within a data warehouse, then sends an alert if it sees anything that falls outside of acceptable bounds. Some products use artificial intelligence (AI) to scan for anomalies, fine-tuning their selection criteria along the way. In either case, the process is very much the same: A problem is spotted in the data, then comes an intervention, things get fixed, and life goes on until the next issue shows up. That’s data observability. It’s better than the business user letting you know about the problem.

Why All Entrepreneurs Need a Content Strategist For Their Business

Having content ideas alone is never enough when you do not have a strategist to wield them into a potent marketing weapon. But when there is a content strategist in place, your brand's content aligns with your overall marketing strategy and your target audience's needs. The organic nature of content marketing makes it a handy marketing tool for businesses that do not have the revenue to go big with their marketing, thereby helping them cut costs.

Global Marketing Automation Market Analysis Report 2022-2026: Increasing Focus on Personalized Marketing & Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Marketing Automation Software

In 2021, the global marketing automation market was valued at US$5.45 billion. The market is anticipated to propel to US$8.58 billion in 2026.

How AI help companies to become high-performance businesses

While mainstream society’s acceptance of AI is a new phenomenon, the concept is not. Artificial intelligence has numerous applications in business. In fact, most of us have daily interactions with AI in some form or another. Artificial intelligence is already disrupting virtually every business process in every industry, from the mundane to the breathtaking. As AI technologies proliferate, they are becoming increasingly important for maintaining a competitive edge.

Intercom Launches Two-Way SMS and New Bot Features for Businesses to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Intercom, the Engagement OS, launched three new capabilities to help businesses create powerful customer experiences and drive ongoing engagement.

Sprinklr Introduces Enterprise-Grade Customer Support Solution Deployable in Just Minutes

Unified, AI-powered customer support now available out-of-the-box with Sprinklr Modern Care Lite

7 Ways To Use AI Writing Tools To Generate Content Ideas

AI writing tools are changing the publishing world and can help you speed up your content creation process. Learn about your tool options.

Five Ways Ai Will Change The View Of Digital Marketing Game In 2022

With the steady rise of AI and its continual development, one can only wonder how these improvements to AI will change the digital marketing game in 2022. From chatbots and virtual assistants taking over plenty of first response positions to personalized user experiences, and plenty more; 2022 looks to be an interesting year for digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Success

Artificial Intelligence can beef up marketing capabilities. More and more marketing leaders are implementing AI technologies to take their game to the next level. The use cases of AI-powered marketing are diverse- from online advertising to finding patterns in the customer journey- Artificial intelligence can enhance marketing at all levels. With the immense potential that AI brings to the marketing world, it’s time to learn how you can harness the power of AI marketing!

Klaviyo Announces Renewed Partnership With BigCommerce

Klaviyo, a unified customer platform, announced it renewed its partnership with BigCommerce as an Elite Technology Partner, continuing the company’s history of closely partnering with leading platforms to help brands achieve revenue growth through ecommerce.

Data Science: The Foundation of Any Effective Personalized Marketing Strategy

The last time I thought about science was when I was required to take a science class in college. Well, fear not, data science doesn’t have to be that complicated. Here are some ways you and your team can get started on a data science project, and deliver more relevant, personalized communications to your customers.

Playing by the Rules: Fintechs Use AI for Marketing Compliance

Like other functions in financial services, marketing is going through a period of disruption. Multi-channel campaigns, celebrities, influencers and affiliates, bold language and gamification are all being used to increase market share. To maximize marketing investments while preserving brand value and meeting compliance, fintechs should leverage advanced technology to allow self-fix and smart monitoring of all external communications and marketing campaigns.