4 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Through 2021

While on the one hand, every business leader including marketing, sales, operations and other heads have to find newer ways to optimize their processes and use of technology while keeping business goals in mind, in the process of doing so it is just as important to ensure that some of the biggest marketing fails and marketing mistakes are best avoided.

Why Email Remains One of the Most Important Marketing Tools as It Celebrates Its 50th Year – But Needs to Change

Email celebrates its 50th birthday. It is also one of the oldest and most robust digital marketing tools; and one which is still highly effective.

6 Ways to Automate Your eCommerce Business

Using eCommerce automation will help you put many business processes in auto-pilot mode and improve your sales and ROI. This is the reason why top eCommerce businesses are moving towards automation, and you can, too, if you want to boost your metrics.

2021 Is Going to Be the Year of Advanced ABM: 10 Strategies to Help You Scale Your Account-Based Initiatives

To thrive in the dawn of post-pandemic emergence, marketers need to craft their ABM tactics to combine strategies and channels in new and interesting ways. Talking of the advanced account-centric approaches, one needs to understand that, progression follows only after the basics have been mastered.

How AI helps execute better email marketing

Today, we are going to discuss how AI helps improve email marketing execution.

The 3-Fold Path to Personalization with Customer Data

Customer data plays a key role in delivering personalized experience to customers, so having the right data is a crucial part of this process. Let’s check out how customer data helps in delivering personalized experience to customers.

51 Machine Learning Statistics to Get You Thinking

Machine learning is a fundamental part of artificial intelligence, it quite literally will teach itself and your business processes to get smarter. Adopting to and investing in machine learning is bound to reap valuable insights for your business and for the next online parcel you are waiting on. ML is changing a lot about our lives. The least we can do is give it more collective thought.

5 Easy Automated Solutions to Boost Ecommerce Operations

Automation is going to be the future, in many respects, and in many areas of life and business. What used to be thought of as a science fiction interpretation of artificial intelligence turned out to provide useful, everyday ways we can make our lives at work easier. Below are five easy automated solutions for your ecommerce enterprise.

Top Digital Marketing Platforms From Around The World To Help You Change Your Game

Email and gaming each got a boost during the pandemic, which should come as little surprise to marketers who understand that global lockdowns, moving to remote work and school, and buying necessities digitally meant consumers had to find entertainment - and information - in new venues. But just how big a jump may be quite the surprise.

How To Implement An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

The first email management system was created in 1972 and email marketing came soon after. Since its initiation, entrepreneurial types have used email to market and sell products. But more recently, some marketers have set email campaigns aside in favor of other digital channels such as social media and mobile messaging. While a multichannel strategy should embrace new channels to boost sales opportunities, marketers who deprioritize email should proceed with caution. I believe email marketing is just as relevant today, and thanks to AI and other technology tools, it can finally reach its full potential.

How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) Changing the Digital Marketing Game?

With the greater accessibility of artificial intelligence, more and more brands are embracing it within their digital marketing strategy. The fact that AI provides timely customer service, relevant recommendations, and enhanced user experience is irrefutable.For businesses, it offers valuable insights that are key to making informed decisions.

Retailers Can Use Record Email Growth and Engagement to Deliver Sales

After a year with no precedent, it’s important to use whatever new data arrives to chart a way forward. In our new Benchmarks report, Campaign Monitor looked at over 100 billion emails and found that 2020 showed remarkable growth across key email performance metrics, including total send volume, open rates and clickthrough rates. For retailers, email became a lifeline for customer communication, transaction and engagement, and customers responded at record numbers, opening a window of opportunity in 2021 for a new kind of relationship that's more data-informed across online and store channels.

The 3Cs of quality email data

The results surface what’s important when it comes to the “3Cs” of data quality: compliance, correctness, and completeness, and provides a benchmark of where you and your organisation are on your data quality journey, as well as flagging opportunities for improvement.

How Marketers Can Drive Revenue and Business Growth With Technology and Automation

A company's overall goal is growth. Thankfully, the advent of automation technologies has made businesses more efficient—and measurable growth highly obtainable.

7 Email Marketing Strategies and Tips for 2021

In this post, you will learn seven of the most effective tips to create your 2021 email marketing strategy. These email marketing tips can help you run winning email marketing campaigns and get you much better results from your campaigns.Ready to learn more about these email marketing strategies?Here you go.

Best Live Chat Apps

This guide explains how live chat apps work and their customer service benefits for small business, and provides tips on how to choose a live chat app for your business.

Anyword Introduces New Marketing Language Platform, Merging Performance Data with Cutting Edge AI to Drive Results

Anywords’s Technology Can Predict Marketing Language Performance Prior to Campaign Launch

9 Tips for Creating a Data-Driven Email Marketing Strategy

One place data can have a bigger impact is in marketing emails. Chances are that you’re already sending emails to customers with products and offers. But making your emails more specific, targeted, and data-driven boosts both traffic and sales.