Klaviyo Launches AI-Powered SMS Assistant to Make Text Copywriting Easy

New offering enables brands to write SMS campaigns in seconds. Klaviyo, a unified customer platform that provides data-driven marketing tools, including email and SMS, for e-commerce businesses, announced the launch of the Klaviyo SMS Assistant, an SMS tool to automate copywriting.

The Case For Using AI To Drive Exceptional ROI And Event Success

AI is the future of supplementing human intelligence to work quicker, more efficiently, and with data at the center of decision-making. Rodney Hart, VP of events at RainFocus, makes the case for leveraging AI for successful events and increased ROI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes music, beats humans in games that have existed for thousands of years, and even wins art contests. Event marketing isn’t the exception to how AI will impact the world. Instead, the event marketers who learn how to use AI to drive event success and measure ROI will eclipse competitors and usher in an age of personalized, tailor-made experiences.

MarTech Interview with Brian Thomas, VP of Product and Design at Customer.io

Brian Thomas, VP of Product and Design at Customer.io shares a few proven product marketing must-dos and best practices in this quick catch-up:

Can A.I. Write Recipes Better Than Humans? We Put It to the Ultimate Test.

Researchers are using artificial intelligence to create recipes, complete with appetizing photos and back stories. But Thanksgiving poses a challenge.

Where is the email marketing industry headed? Experts weigh in

Email marketing is one of the most trusted channels at the marketer’s disposal to connect with customers and convert them into loyalists. As emails have become a crucial way for personalised and conversational marketing, many emerging technologies are shaping the future of email marketing. To explore this, and to gain a deeper understanding of the Email Benchmark Report 2022 (EBR) published by Netcore Cloud, industry experts like Sharon Supriya, Senior Director - Marketing & Growth Strategy, Byju’s; Sandesh Gupta, Head of Digital Marketing - USA, MPL; and Chaitanya Chinta, Global Business Head, Email, Netcore Cloud, came together to share insights on the report, which is a study of 100 billion emails across 20+ global industries.

What is AI marketing?

AI marketing is the future of any small businesses outreach strategy. Find out the benefits, drawbacks, and best tools to use here.

Forget Proxy Performance KPIs. It’s Time To Focus On Revenue Again

The digitization of advertising unleashed a torrent of easily measurable statistics for marketers to measure performance. This led to a software category of partners that help brands and retailers understand how their campaigns perform on each channel by assessing KPIs like clicks, cost per acquisition and conversion rates. These KPIs have their place in marketing strategy. But digital marketing has become too focused on proxy KPIs in lieu of the metric that matters most: revenue. Pursuing digital KPIs has led marketers to make strategic errors. They chase conversions that do not spur incremental revenue, preserve outdated strategies due to a focus on metrics instead of process and drive down costs when it would be more helpful to focus on revenue gains.

The Best Marketing Automation Tools for Realtors

To help you find the best marketing automation tools for realtors, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled the following list of top-rated providers with industry expertise in the real estate market. Our editors selected these software solutions based on each provider’s Authority Score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites, and our proprietary five-point inclusion criteria.

Marketers optimistic despite headwinds

Four out of five Australian and New Zealand marketers say their work is increasing in value despite macroeconomic and labour headwinds, according to new research from Salesforce.

Salesforce Research: 87% Of Marketers Say Their Work Provides Increasing Value

As 91% of CMOs believe they must continually innovate to remain competitive, Salesforce’s eighth annual “State Of Marketing Report” uncovered that the onus of that innovation falls on the shoulder of marketers. But despite the heavier workload, marketers are hopeful — 87% said their work provides greater value now than a year ago, representing a 10% increase from last year’s survey.

5 Technologies You Should Get To Grips With, If You Want A Successful Dropshipping Business

While some might paint it as a foolproof way to make money, the reality is that starting a dropshipping business isn’t easy, and achieving success with it is harder still. Having the right technologies on your side is half the battle, so let’s go over the elements you need to master to improve your chances of dropshipping dominance.

64% of Enterprise Marketers Find Email Automation To Be a Major Trend in 2023

Marketers use several digital marketing channels to connect with their audience, engage them, and convert them into customers. Email is one of these channels, which is highly crucial for marketers. According to a Litmus study, email marketing offers an average ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. However, the fast-changing landscape, especially in data privacy, has made reaching the target audiences with a personalized email experience at the right time complex. So, how are enterprise marketers executing emails to maximize the results? To understand this, OMI partnered with Ascend2 to conduct a study. The following are a few key takeaways from the study.

How business strategies are being improved by machine learning in the 21st century?

Machine learning is increasingly being adopted by organizations in the current day, pushed by technology. Machine learning has demonstrated its value in forecasting consumer behavior in addition to enabling businesses to tackle complicated challenges using useful information obtained from the careful segmentation of raw data. To improve performance and gain a competitive edge, firms are incorporating machine learning into their operations. It seeks to automatically adjust to new knowledge and respond after data analysis.

Digital Marketers Take Fragmented Tactics to New Targets

Top Digital Marketing Innovations, Digging Deeper Into Digital Marketing

Can the approach to marketing education produce more valuable marketers?

The role of marketing has drastically changed over the past fifty years and has undergone a transformation of note. With the mainstreaming of the internet, the new technology, AI advancements, the role social media now plays in the sales cycle, and the connectivity to the world that we now have access to, marketing has evolved into a school in its own right.

Anyword Shares Tips to Dominate Black Friday Shopping with Powerful Marketing Campaigns

As marketers look to the bulk of their annual ad budget in Q4, Anyword recommends early prep with these unique strategies for high-performing campaigns. Anyword, the data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting platform, recommends a slate of best practices for marketers as the busiest shopping time of the year approaches – Black Friday, the kickoff to a projected $1.45 trillion in holiday season consumer spending.

Machine Learning-based digital marketing tools to streamline ops

As the online market is flooded with competitors and user engagement requiring real-time content, fast computing in digital marketing has become crucial. Here is a list of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-backed tools that help automate time-consuming manual tasks of marketing.

Digital marketing strategies to get ahead this holiday season

How can brands can get ahead of the Christmas curve? Lauren Gray of Digital Ethos answers, guiding brands on email marketing, sustainability, and artificial intelligence. To remain competitive during the hectic holiday season, all brands must develop a unique Christmas marketing strategy that reflects public sentiment. As consumer spending is changing (again), brands should remain agile and start planning their campaigns to catch the customers' attention.

Iterable Unveils Cutting-Edge Mobile and Cross-Channel Capabilities, Empowering the Next Generation Marketer

Iterable, the most powerful communication platform that helps brands activate customers with joyful interactions at scale, today unveiled new innovations, including Iterable SMS with simplified pricing and AI-powered Channel Optimization, among other features, empowering marketers with the ability to activate exceptional cross-channel marketing capabilities and create lifelong customers.

CM Group’s Selligent Awards Honour Global Brands for Innovation in Relationship Marketing

Selligent Marketing Cloud, part of CM Group, is an intelligent omnichannel marketing cloud platform. With dynamic technology, Selligent provides actionable insights that enable companies to deliver more personalized and valuable consumer engagement. This results in compelling experiences across all channels. With teams in the US and Europe, and a global network of partners, Selligent's mission is to make marketing personal.