Is email marketing effective in 2021?

Advertising via email has been a huge part of digital marketing strategies. And, while plenty of professionals predicted its swift downfall several years ago, the COVID-19 outbreak gave email marketing campaigns a new lease of life.

AI analysis unveils the most effective email subject lines for the holidays

Retailers are already preparing for a 2021 holiday ecommerce season that mirrors last year. A recent survey by Radial found that 65% of consumers plan to spend the same as or even more than last year. Radial itself plans to hire 27,000 seasonal workers ahead of the shopping season to fulfill ecommerce orders. But to snag a share of that market, retailers will need to use the right email marketing language and tactics, according to a new report from AI-powered copywriting platform Phrasee.

Five Email Marketing Tips That Fit The 2021 Communication Trends

Over the past year, the email senders increased their email volume by over 50% since more people online shopped and spent more time staying at home sitting in front of their laptops during the pandemic. Businesses had to shift their email marketing strategy during the pandemic so as to accommodate consumers' constantly changing needs.

Constellation ShortList for B2B Marketing Automation Names 8 Providers to Know

The Constellation ShortList for Marketing Automation evaluated 50 B2B marketing automation providers before selecting the 8 companies listed. Constellation used a combination of partner conversations, client inquiries, vendor selection projects, market share, customer references, and internal research to determine which vendors would be included in the report. Constellation also took client company size and marketing resources into consideration.

Mastering the art of email personalisation

Email remains one of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing channels, yet marketers are selling themselves short if they can’t nail personalisation. Guy Hanson shares tips on which data types to collect to drive effective personalisation every time.

Does ‘always-on’ marketing improve customer experiences?

This marketers-meet-machine strategy can help you target customers that have shown a real propensity for your products.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

According to a survey conducted by PwC, 72% of business leaders use AI for their business advantage. The Digital marketing world has been restructured immensely since the emergence of AI. It helps companies develop powerful digital strategies, optimizes campaigns, and improves return on investment.

How Walgreens Used AI To Improve Email Engagement Rates

Improving email open and click rates is every marketer’s goal. In this article, Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee, talks about how an AI technology helped Walgreens improve its email open and click rates and vaccination appointment bookings when it mattered the most.

The Future Of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Trends to Look Out For

The Future Of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Trends to Look Out For

Nailing email marketing with hyper-personalised and relevant content

"The future is how AI can help or how any of these technologies can create hyper-personalisation and do segmentation of users. All of this will ultimately lead to the greatest customer experience,” says Tanishq, as he starts with some inputs on the future of email marketing.

What a Customer Relationship Platform Is and What It Can Do For Your Business

In this article we will answer those questions and tell you why the martech stack should include a full-featured, unified CRM platform.

AI Integration With Email Marketing Could Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Google isn’t the only one focusing on this issue: Smaller companies, such as retail software provider Fast Simon, are also trying to optimize the shopping experience for both merchants and consumers in order to boost conversion rates and increase average order values.

B2B Business Experts Propels Businesses to New Heights

“The difference lies in AI’s ability to gather and analyze massive amounts of data. It’s a great support system for any team. We use AI marketing tools for an extensive range of activities, from email marketing to copywriting. The results are unbelievable! We’ve developed campaigns that improved our clients’ marketing return on investment (ROI) by up to 30% in less than 60 days through 80% lower costs.” According to Jeremy, he and his team use AI marketing for these functions:

5 Top Ways to Leverage Technology for Business Success

You may think that technology is vital for the day-to-day running of your business alone. Although there is some truth in that, it offers more than meets the eye. After all, it can also help drive business growth and success when utilized effectively. With that in mind, below are the top 5 ways to leverage technology for business success hassle-free.

Syte and Movable Ink Partner to Provide Retailers With Hyper-Personalized Email Marketing Capabilities Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

Strategic partnership enables retailers to maximize email marketing campaigns in a new way that combines hyper-personalization technology with dynamic content displays.

Curated Content Designed as a Strategic Engagement Tool

In the struggle for visibility, differentiation and engagement, financial advisors and asset managers have been pursuing proactive marketing in the form of website blogs, informational email campaigns and social medium messaging.

The AI Marketing Canvas: A Roadmap To Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

To better understand what an AI marketing canvas is, I sought insight from Raj Venkatesan, a professor at Darden School of Business. In full disclosure, I work with Raj and his research and work is fascinating.