Digital marketing is the future

Digital marketing involves using electronic media as a tool to reach a larger market base. Blogging, email marketing, social media marketing and pay-per-click promotions are perfect examples of digital marketing.

The Future of Marketing Automation: Main Email Trends 2020

If you’re not involved in email marketing professionally, it may seem that this industry has stopped its progress long ago.

Empowering Email Marketing Strategy With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It’s high time small businesses start making the most of this AI revolution.

How AI Will Change Email Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town these days, and email marketing industry is no exception.

eBay Uses AI To Write Emails, Increase Marketing Performance

eBay continues to prove performance with technology tapped from various companies, such as Phrasee, which uses artificial intelligence to generate higher performance with messages like email subject lines, push notifications and Facebook ads for brands. It uses natural language processing and deep learning.


Businesses are mainly embracing ai technologies to simplify the workflow for marketers in various ways and offer a mariad of benefits

AI marketing technology tools pricing guide 2020

It is increasingly becoming a necessity for forward-thinking marketers. Here, we break down some of the top vendors on the market.

Five examples that demonstrate the value of AI for B2B marketers

Five examples of AI’s use in B2B marketing technologies including ABM platforms, predictive analytics, AI-powered CRMs, and predictive compliance for social media campaigns.