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What percentage of your budget should go toward SEO?

Spending on SEO now is an investment in your business's future revenue. Learn the key factors to consider when deciding your SEO budget.

Content Marketing in a World of Creators

An audience of content-consuming subscribers can grow an ecommerce business. But in a world of content creators, engaging that audience is increasingly competitive. Sales channels for online merchants typically include Google Ads, search engine optimization, email, and social media. Each relies on putting a message in front of prospects.

Robly Named as the #1 Email Marketing Platform by SoftwareReviews for 2022

Robly specializes in supporting charities, non profits, education sectors and religious organizations, leveraging patented technology to help customers achieve up to 50% higher open rates. The platform also provides a landing page builder, a variety of survey tools and easy to implement sign up forms that help users grow their contact lists up to four times faster.

What is Humanized Marketing and How Does It Affect Your Business?

One way businesses can stand out from the competition is by shifting their marketing mindset from personalized marketing to humanized marketing.

Handy Tips For Ecommerce Success

If you’re an e-commerce store owner, you know the challenges of running an online business. There are so many moving parts to keep track of that it can often feel like your business is constantly in flux. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the different responsibilities that need to be taken care of, here are a few tips for keeping your e-commerce store successful:

Powerful Affiliate Marketing Techniques to Gain Market Reputation

Do you know that digital publishers across the globe earn through affiliate marketing techniques? Business consultants’ reveal that, partnering through other companies (Affiliate Marketers) can help in building a steady cash flow vide strong digital marketing techniques. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing can be a good strategy to monetize your content in the long run.

3 Top Concerns Surrounding your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Videos can portray more than what a simple text email can and can be consumed by your target audience even while they’re on the go, thereby promoting an essence of convenience as well. But when it comes to optimizing a video marketing strategy, there are still a lot of faux pas that are often observed among marketing teams. What are some of them? Let’s look at a few:

5 Essential Marketing Tips for Law Firms in 2022

Here are five top tips for marketing your law firm in 2022.

SEO is marketing

SEO should be solidly considered a marketing function. That's because SEO is, perhaps, the best form of marketing available.

Cross-border e-commerce revolutionises global retail

According to Forrester’s report, cross-border e-commerce is set to break the US $ 1 trillion barrier in 2022, making up a grand total of 20 per cent of e-commerce as a whole. The pandemic has further boosted the e-commerce revenue both in emerging and established economies globally.

IRONSCALES Launches Expanded Security Awareness Training Functionality

IRONSCALES, the leader in AI-powered email security and the fastest growing email security company in the world, announces the addition of new advanced Security Awareness Training to help customers better educate their employees on how to spot phishing attacks, improve their overall security knowledge, and learn about multiple industry compliance framework requirements.

5 tips to make your B2B email marketing campaign stand out

When it comes to growing your business, email marketing is arguably the most effective tool in a B2B marketer's belt. If you can reach the right audience, an effective B2B marketing email will help you build brand awareness and develop a dialog with potential customers. Here’s how to leverage your B2B email marketing strategy to stand out and grow your business: Create a winning strategy. An excellent way to kick your campaign into gear is to establish best practices at the beginning of the process. Here are some elements to keep in mind.

As connected TV use continues to grow, here’s how brands can use the medium to reach the right audiences

Brands are increasingly considering connected TV (CTV) as an option to reach consumers. With traditional linear TV use declining and an increase in the number of consumers using CTV devices, how companies can harness these two trends to reach fragmented audiences.

How to Launch a Small Business in Today’s Economic Climate

The current economic climate poses obvious challenges for any business, and especially for new small businesses. The country entered a technical recession with two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP, and more than 80 percent of small business owners anticipate a recision. This is in the midst of 40-year high inflation rates that are impacting business. Small business owners have always been ones to meet a challenge face-on and rise to the occasion. After all, no one would successfully start a business if they gave up at the first obstacle. Some 600,000 entrepreneurs start a business each year, and there’s no indication that this year will be different despite the challenges. If you intend to start a small business this year, these details shouldn’t dissuade you. They simply mean that you need to be extra judicious with your decisions. Here’s how to launch a small business in today’s economic climate.

5 Marketing Tactics for Winning New Business

Marketing is the backbone of any business, small or large. According to Wordstream, the global digital advertising market will be worth approximately $786.2 billion by 2026. While traditional marketing strategies are still popular, digital advertising has taken center stage because it's cheap and has a better return on investment (ROI). If you’re a student entrepreneur, you’re probably looking for affordable marketing tactics that will help your business grow fast. Here are five marketing tactics for winning new business.

Cordial Launches Strategic Integrations to Enhance Data Usage, Efficiency and Innovation for Marketers

Marketing platform streamlines real-time data with new, bi-directional integrations, transforming 1:1 customer experiences across email, SMS and MMS and mobile applications

How to Develop a Content Creation Strategy

Content can have a big impact on your business’s performance. Learn how to create a content strategy that will speak to your audience.

Mapp Continues Strong Growth In First Half of 2022

Mapp benefits from rising demand for support in multichannel marketing across all industries

Thought Leadership Content: What It Is And How To Use It

Thought leadership content can help you earn customer loyalty by sharing your brand's earned insights and secrets.

What trends to follow to improve your brand loyalty

According to 3Cinteractive, 64% of brands have noticed an increase in consumer loyalty memberships, demonstrating prospects are looking for brands they can a trust in a world where they are dominated by ads. With that in mind, we’re sharing the biggest customer loyalty marketing trends and how you can breach the gap between brand and audience.