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7 Ways to Improve Your Email Subject Lines

Every word, every letter counts. If you want to improve your email marketing performance in 2020, then your subject lines are a good place to start.

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Prioritizing Your Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2020

We’ve zeroed in on the top six tactics to implement in 2020. By incorporating them into your overarching strategy, you’ll ideally see success in your inbound campaigns this year.

10 Examples Of B2B Customer Experience Transformation For COVID

These 10 B2B companies have pivoted their businesses to continue to offer great customer experiences, even in uncertain times.

How Email Marketing Will Evolve in the Next 5 Years

Over the years, email marketing has steadily been moving away from the newsletter and promotional blast to behaviorally driven, event-triggered, one-to-one messaging. In one word: personalization.


Email marketing is becoming more and more viable as marketers incorporate it into campaigns. But, while email is not slipping in popularity, most businesses have just scratched the surface of what they can accomplish with it.

Release Notes: Mailchimp launches Customer Journeys

Helping small businesses to automate eCommerce journeys.

Trigger-based marketing = event-driven programming with “no code” martech in every stack

For a deeper look in the data, here’s the click-through rates for different kinds of triggered emails versus batch sends in Blueshift’s benchmark report:

Email Marketing Market is Booming Worldwide : Adobe, Xert Communications, Robly

An extensive elaboration of the Global Email Marketing market strategy of the industry players in the precision of import/export consumption, supply and demand.

Cloud Conventions Integrates Convey's Email Tool,Inmar Offers New Marketing Platform For Retailers And CPGs

Cloud Conventions, the provider of a virtual event SaaS platform, has integrated Convey’s Conduct Campaign email marketing tool,Inmar Intelligence has launched a data-driven platform called Retail Cloud that it says will help retailers and their CPG partners create an omnichannel experience for shoppers.

How to write a compelling marketing email

A number of components make up a compelling marketing email, including content that readers want, photos and videos, calls to action and mobile optimization.

MailChimp vs. SendInBlue: Who Wins at Email Marketing?

We pit two of leading email marketing services against each other to see who comes out on top for SMBs.


Email remains relevant. Although you may think that social media has overtaken email marketing, you should not ignore the value of email marketing.

Digital Marketing Software Market Report 2020: Global Industry Size Analysis by Value Chain, SWOT Analysis, Drivers and Opportunities by Region and Forecast to 2024

The “Digital Marketing Software Market” report 2020 covers all the significant developments which are recently being adopted across the global market.


The CEO of marketing tech firm Snappy Kraken presents


These tools and strategies can make email marketing more efficient and less time-consuming.

NetBlaze Launches A Marketing App For Small Businesses

NetBlaze has debuted an app for small businesses that it says combines all of its services, including CRM and email, into one dashboard.

10 Categories of Tools to Help Lean Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When you’re getting ready to lean more into your digital marketing strategy, you can look through this list of tools for what speaks to you and helps you get to where you need to go.

2020 Worldata Email Marketing Calendar

Get the 2020 B2B and B2C Email Marketing Calendar Today!

Accelerate Your Marketing During This Pandemic With A Client Avatar

Here are some tools you can use to help build and use your client avatar.

5 Key Elements for a Successful B2C Mobile Marketing Strategy

When developing your own mobile marketing strategy, we here at MAXBURST encourage readers to review the following 5 elements to ensure that you're connecting with the proper audience, at the correct time, with the appropriate content.

Required Reading: Your Customers Need to See You on the Internet

In See You on the Internet: Building Your Small Business with Digital Marketing, Avery Swartz, founder and CEO of Camp Tech, a tech workshop company for nontechnical people, provides a framework for companies to promote themselves online.

JKBS webinar explores career opportunities in digital marketing

Every medium becomes quantifiable in digital marketing, says marketing head of BMJ