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Planning and Implementing Your Email Marketing Strategy

Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should! It’s an old adage and one many email marketers would do well to consider before embarking on their email marketing strategy.


Email Marketing That Really Works: 5 Tips On How to Improve Your Delivery Rate

The be-all and end-all for successful email marketing? Emails that arrive – right. After all, what use is the perfect newsletter if it does not end up in the inbox of your customers and is ultimately not read?

How to Advertise in Newsletters: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking for a powerful way to market your product or service? Consider advertising in newsletters. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Google Analytics Guide: 35 Key Metrics and Features

The first thing is to create an account and configure it for your website. Then I will explain how the Google Analytics interface (the buttons) is used so that you know how to move and navigate through it. Before starting in the 4 main areas of the tools, I will also explain what are the basic metrics that you will see later in all the reports mean. Are you ready? Let’s go there!:

10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is a powerful tool used to build and strengthen your relationships with customers and communicate key messages regarding business initiatives. In fact, email marketing has proven to generate the greatest ROI compared to other digital marketing efforts (up to 3380%). With so much potential, it’s extremely important to set up and launch your email campaigns correctly. Below are 10 helpful tips to help you get started!

Small Business Marketing Strategies Need Rethinking in 2021

By developing strategic email messaging, it builds and maintains relationships with customers at every stage as they research, purchase, and grow with your brand.

Reducing Unsubscribe Rates like an Email Marketing Expert

The unsubscribe rate refers to the metric used to measure the percentage of email subscribers who opt out from an email list. Average email unsubscribe rates vary by industry, with an overall average of .48%. Is your average unsubscribe rate higher than it should be? Let’s take a look at some accessible methods to reduce email unsubscribe rates. You’ll be feeling like an email marketing expert in no time.

HubSpot vs. Microsoft Dynamics

I’m here to help you pick the platform that fits your company and fuels your marketing goals. Here’s an inside comparison of HubSpot versus Microsoft Dynamics, along with how you can pick the best CRM for your company.

Jesse Willms Shows Top AI Technologies Used In Digital Marketing

Digital professional Jesse Willms has seen how many marketing strategies have evolved through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this post, he will be sharing the top AI tools that can be integrated into digital marketing strategies.

Modern Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

Check out the image above and you’ll see the ROI (return on investment) offered by a number of modern marketing strategies based on perceptions of the marketing managers who use the strategies.Based on the survey results, the top 5 modern marketing strategies in terms of ROI are: Social media marketing, Email marketing,SEO,Content marketing,Social advertising.

Building a marketing strategy in the telecom sector

For telecommunication service providers to succeed in this fast-growing industry, it is essential to develop a marketing strategy that enables organizations to build long-term relationships with their customers. The telecommunications industry, like many other industries, is constantly changing. These changes include technological advances, market innovations, adjustments in consumer behavior and more. Telecommunications companies that listen to the market and are not stuck in their old ways are the most successful enterprises.

Email Design Best Practices for 2021 [Infographic]

In this infographic, the team from Email Uplers outline some important tips for creating compelling emails that will stand out in audience inboxes, one important element the process.There are some good notes here - check out the full infographic overview below.

10 Tips for Creating Real Estate Video Ads

Did you know that 73 percent of sellers prefer working with agencies that use real estate video marketing? Whether it’s a walkthrough of the property or a Q&A session, sellers expect their agents to use video marketing to reach the right buyers and sell their properties.For real estate agents,this demand presents a few challenges.How do you make an engaging real estate video to impress both sellers and buyers alike,and how do you track a video’s performance for your marketing purposes?Luckily it is not as hard as it might seem.Although real estate videos serve a unique purpose,they’re similar to regular marketing videos in many ways,so don’t be intimidated by them.Let’s take a closer look at why real estate videos are worth the effort and how you fit them into your overall video marketing strategy.

Why a Full-Funnel Approach is the Key to Performance Marketing

At each stage of the buyer’s journey, the user intent is different. Consumer touchpoints are often taking the form of content placements to achieve a variety of goals throughout each stage of the funnel. With 87% of marketers already creating content for different customer journey stages, it is crucial for brands to embrace a full-funnel approach to remain relevant and visible to consumers among their competition.

What You Should Know About Email Marketing

Email marketing can do more for your business than many people realize. There has been an assumption that email marketing is behind the times, but it isn’t owing to something called CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Essentially, especially with large lists of leads, CRM assures you don’t repeat yourself.

Smart Ways You Can Drive More People to Your Business Website

Starting and growing a website is a lot of work. The odds are even higher when it is a business website. You must be consistent and careful with the type of content you share. Increased traffic to your website may translate to higher engagement and more leads. Here are a few smart ways to drive people to your business site.

Planning and Implementing Your Email Marketing Strategy…Part 2

How do you go about growing your list? You can do this in many different ways, each one having their own level of effectiveness.The standard tools available are:


Nowadays, a trustworthy B2B company needs a sales-prepared website to arrive at consumers utilizing cell phones. To that point, whenever done accurately, your website ought to be your top salesperson. Follow the must-have tips given underneath for your business website’s success.


No marketer can avoid analyzing marketing metrics. With today’s martech and marketing innovations, marketers have access to various kinds of metrics and analytics to have a deeper understanding of their marketing performance. But when you start diving more deeply into identifying the primary digital marketing metrics that should be top of mind, all the time: there again exists a different set of priority metrics based on every marketing team’s specific goals, future plans and core business strategy. While there will always exist a big list of base level marketing metrics that should never be ignored, here are a few that should be given importance to measure overall efficacy and digital marketing performance.

How to validate email and avoid frauds?

If you are using email for your company's marketing actions, it is essential that you check that these addresses to be real. In this post, we tell you how to validate an email and avoid bounced emails that may affect the statistics of your marketing campaigns.

AppMail Announces Innovative New Email Marketing Feature

The new marketing tool allows customers to engage with an email, rather than needing to click a link.

Why Regular Email List Validation is Important

Is it possible to have a zero bounce rate in email marketing? Email list monitoring ensures a clean email list whenever you’re ready to embark on a campaign. When you hire DeBounce for your email list monitoring not only will you save time but also not have to deal with it manually.