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6 Email Marketing Trends in 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that you never know what's coming around the bend. That can't stop us from trying, though. Follow these tips and predictions to step up your email marketing in 2021.

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What Will And Won't Happen For Email Marketing In 2021

It’s that time of year when marketing experts publish forecasts and prognostications about various industries. Let's see a short list of things I think will and won’t happen in the industry in 2021

7 Easy Ways to Drive High Quality Traffic to Your Landing Page Anyone Can Use

Driving high-quality traffic to your landing page doesn’t have to involve complicated or expensive marketing. And if it does involve money, the methods you choose should give you a high return on investment (ROI).

12 Must-Haves For Tracking Your Digital Marketing Campaign

This article discusses 12 must-have metrics that you must track to ensure your digital marketing campaign is a success.Let us dive in:

10 Must-Learn Skills to Build a Successful E-commerce Business

If you're running an online business, these skills can help your business thrive.

Digital Marketers Expect to Double Messaging Volume by 2024

A new survey from MessageGears highlights the important role digital messaging continues to play in B2C marketing, while underscoring the immense challenges facing marketers in terms of COVID-era messaging and customer data access

Understanding & Overcoming Top Email Inboxing Challenges

Regular maintenance of subscriber lists continues to be essential in 2021, and email subscriber acquisition is an extraordinarily scalable and cost effective way to keep subscriber lists growing while inactive subscribers are filtered out. Advertisers who leverage DMS for email subscriber acquisition are connected with high-intent subscribers who opted in to receive communications.

The 3-Fold Path to Personalization with Customer Data

Customer data plays a key role in delivering personalized experience to customers, so having the right data is a crucial part of this process. Let’s check out how customer data helps in delivering personalized experience to customers.

50 Years of Email

But if the history of email tells us anything, it's that email isn't going away any time soon Celebrating 50 Years of Email, By cloudHQ

Investing in Content Marketing Drives Success

If you hope to accomplish your business goals online, you must have a sound content marketing strategy because publishing valuable content on a consistent basis is vital for brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversions. Each of the last updates to the Google search algorithm increases the importance and impact of content marketing on search. Not only is it nearly impossible for visitors to find you without a sound content marketing strategy, posting on social media drives engagement and also factors into the Google search algorithm. Thus, investing in content marketing is investing in your future.

6 Email Marketing Apps to Help Your Business Grow

To reap those benefits, though, you don’t just need the right marketing content. You need the right tools that will help you save time and money and scale your email marketing.


If you use the internet then you probably know of YouTube. It is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of active users. Initially, it was just a platform to share videos globally but now many people use this as a mean to earn their living. This is why the platform has become so competitive. Every day hundreds of hours of content are uploaded on the platform.

Enhanced Automated Marketing Tools Give Travel Advisors with Dream Vacations New Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

Home-based travel agency franchise launches new social media and email marketing platforms

Top10 Reasons How Digital Marketing Helps In Making Business Profitable?

It is the reality that we board a technology-dependent world where the internet plays a major role. The Internet has enabled businesses to interact with their target audience. This is the reason why digital marketing is taking up from traditional marketing channels. However, another reason can be affordability. Digital marketing is affordable if compared to other channels.


The truth is that there are many reasons why you should invest in digital marketing if you haven’t already, and even if you have, now’s the time to increase your efforts to achieve new heights of success. From improving your SEO to generating more qualified leads with email marketing, all the way to content creation and placing the right ads at the right time and place, there are many parts of digital marketing that can help you thrive in 2021. Here’s how you can do all of that and more.


One of the most sought-after productivity tools is Microsoft Office 365. Below are some handy, easy-to-follow tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Microsoft Office 365.

7 Best Free Email Marketing Services Compared

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of digital marketing. This marketing trend has been around for a long time and is there to stay. Although, there have been developments in this area with the introduction of new technologies. Let’s look at the following free email marketing services review, written by our guest post topic author Alex Lysak from Scanteam.

B2B marketing strategies to boost inbound leads

To help you and your company find effective B2B marketing strategies, we asked marketing experts and business leaders this question for their best strategies. From leveraging company Facebook pages to prioritizing SEO, there are several B2B marketing strategies that may help you boost inbound leads.

How Marketers Can Drive Revenue and Business Growth With Technology and Automation

A company's overall goal is growth. Thankfully, the advent of automation technologies has made businesses more efficient—and measurable growth highly obtainable.

How to Manage Customer Relationships with CRM

This blog explores Customer Relationship Management — explaining how it works and its benefits of using CRM.

7 Lead-Nurturing Strategies

A good lead-nurturing strategy can drive many positive results for your business.

A good lead-nurturing strategy can drive many positive results for your business. A good lead-nurturing strategy can drive many positive results for your business. A Good Lead - Nurturing Strategy Can Drive Many Positive Results For Your Business.

Report: Email Still Critical for Marketers Seeking More Customer Insight

The CMO Council and Deloitte Digital recently came together to produce the “Humanizing and Analyzing Relationships to Drive Revenue, Retention and Returns” report, and statistics showed that email (73%) is by far the leading channel in terms of where customers leave information about their expectations and needs. This is followed by social media channels (54%) and web forms (54%).